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Urgent! ! ! Basketball activities, and how to organize

hejiongwmk2010-01-20 09:04:31 +0000 #1
Our fellow men, roughly 130 or so.

Ready to write an event planning options, including basketball games. Company does not have basketball team, may I ask how the activities of the organization, as well as basketball games Process?

2009-09-25 11:52 supplementary question

my company HR departments, engineering, administrative department, investment department, IT department, marketing department, order and maintenance of the Department
LccCc +52010-01-20 09:10:09 +0000 #2
of fairness, by sector, sub-teams. Not allowed to have foreign aid are not allowed to supplement the team lost to other teams. Each department can play a team which have individual names, but the attention to harmony. Each team played five people, other personnel can serve as a replacement, focusing on participation Well. Clothing should be unified, in advance to communicate with each other and can not field competitors appear the same or similar clothing color.

7 departments, if you want to put it simply, if the drawing of lots. Divided into A, B, C, D4 groups, one of the D group of luck, and can be pumped directly to qualifying. The other three groups in a showdown, A group of winners of the C group of the winner, B group the winner the winner of the D group that team. Competition into the final championship win, with the losers dispute the third.



> WIN \



> WIN /



If you want a bit more complex is necessary to play the semi-finals, to be a form, 8X8 ,


1 /

2 /

3 /

4 /

5 /

6 /

7 /

figures represent the various departments, each of the time and space to write the results of games, each game winner 1 points, the loser 0 points, the final count points, the highest title, and so on.

What I have played a lot of space, how to have the answer inside was no more. Lou Zhu will take a look, happy to do spreadsheets.
The Melancholy of fade away2010-01-20 09:32:34 +0000 #3
to select those who will be playing basketball, and then organized and thought. Competition flow arrangement is very simple, that is, painting a table, followed by writing the name of the team, and then draw a line, just do not coincide game, that's all.



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