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China and Jordan is not copyright infringement? Jordan His Honor know?

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In fact, Jordan is a pure "domestic origin" of the sports and leisure brands. With Michael Jordan is the name associated with a unit of Nike "Air Jordan" brand, although the brand into the Chinese market, but did not register for the corresponding Chinese name, so, "Michael Jordan" has become the No Man's material, after Michael Jordan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. to register the trademark of Fujian, it will touch ball to Jordan's subsequent development has made convenient.

The Jordan an either-Jordan

It is understood that Michael Jordan is Michael Jordan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. registered in Fujian, the Chinese brand, the company now has thousands of stores across the country and its products from the original shoes quickly extended to include sport shoes, sports apparel, luggage and accessories, including a number of sports series.

Jordan range of products not only in their names make it clear that "China and Jordan" and "U.S. athletes Michael Jordan," the relationship between its brand Logo and the United States Air Jordan brand is also very similar. Air Jordan Brand Logo is a shot of the athlete signs; while Jordan is an athlete in the dribbling action. If it is not very familiar with the two brands were easily the two Logo as a symbol of the brand. "This 'coincidence' can not be said that Jordan's well-intentioned, let a misunderstanding with the Air Jordan has been sustained." There are marketing experts pointed out.

In fact, in 1984, when the 21-year-old Michael Jordan rookie basketball is still fledgling, the Nike company prospects for the development of his fancy, and Michael Jordan in cooperation with the Air Jordan logo started selling basketball shoes Chinese consumers are known as "Jordan shoes." In 1984, Nike Jordan shoes, the first generation produced every year since then to launch a new, called "generation", has been out to 23 on behalf of the shoes. Each of the new Nike shoes, Jordan fans have become the world's Fengqiang objects. Even Michael Jordan retired in 2003, also failed to weaken the momentum of a year selling Jordan shoes.

Reporters in the streets of Beijing are being read randomly interviewed a high school boy, he told reporters, though Michael Jordan has retired, but still he likes one of the stars of the NBA. He also thought that Michael Jordan from the Jordan brand is founded and operated.

Reporter also interviewed a young woman, she believed that Michael Jordan from the United States, or that he founded either on his behalf, she said very little to buy their own sports and leisure clothing, is not clear.

In the network in random interviews with Daily News reporter on the streets, there are eight or more people into that Jordan is a foreign brand, and that Jordan is to basketball star Michael Jordan was founded and to its own brand name, very few people know Michael Jordan and Nike, Air Jordan relations.

Mark registered by huge gains

This either-Jordan Jordan, as compared with the established sports brand Nike, Jordan, China, regarded as junior companies. Founded in 1998, Jordan's only an exercise shoes, small businesses, over the same period of development there are special steps, Del-hui, ERKE batch of footwear enterprises in Jinjiang. In the highly competitive environment, many enterprises to adopt a common advertising strategy - a pop star endorsement, in this way to make the brand known by consumers in a relatively short period of time. For a time, CCTV5 has also been dubbed the "Jinjiang Taiwan."

With the other shoe is different is that Jordan brand has through the United States, "Michael" Jordan's influence in China's fast-forward, saving a huge amount of advertising costs. Jordan's focus on product research and development funds, channel building, this little-known small shoe done today has thousands of stores across the country's large companies.

From the brand name "Jordan" Start, Jordan started the company in all marketing, which began around the basketball court. Such as the sponsorship by the State Education Commission, the General Administration of Sport advocated, in China's major cities of the "small school basketball board" project; the title sponsor of the CBA for three consecutive years 2001,2002,2003 men's basketball, "Jordan's Cup" A League B and achieved in 2002 CBA Chinese basketball league A-League All-Star Game Jordan-Star team title sponsor qualifications. The most important is that its production of Michael Jordan basketball shoe series has also become earmarked for the Chinese Basketball Association CBA products.

By brand marketing and effective management of the enterprises themselves, Jordan has received a great deal in the country affected. In 2001-2003, the brand series of products won consecutive National Information Center Ministry of Commerce issued a national key large-scale retail store selling products honorary title, in 2005 as "China Well-known Trademark."

Brand name, is a special kind of intangible assets, Jordan with Michael Jordan's reputation as a beneficiary of Jordan effect, while the Nike Air Jordan brand to do for the marketing activities as well as to many consumers to believe that these and Jordan brands are closely linked, and even in 2004, "Jordan and China trip" This is the Air Jordan brand awareness to do, but Michael Jordan was gone, but so that more Chinese consumers to deepen the impression of Fujian Jordan.

Of course, Nike is aware of China also have a Jordan, Jordan's mind walking a fine line so that it does not Nike have a little way.

Michael Jordan how to win the international market

cybersquatting world famous Chinese name, as a shortcut to the early development of enterprises. With consumer awareness of these big brands, so that the Chinese name of the registered companies save large sums of advertising costs, and then easily opened up the domestic market.

Nike Air Jordan brand in China to do the marketing, no doubt the company's market expansion for the Jordan added points. Following the success of the company in Jordan with the publication of Fujian shoe Registration "Bryant", "Iverson" and NBA basketball star of the Chinese name as a corporate brand, these brands do not actually have any relationship with the players.

While the Jordan brand company from cybersquatters profit, but also for its access to a broader space for development of the bottleneck set. Jordan's is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, is one of China's sports goods industry cluster. Here a collection of Anta, special steps, ho sand, and other famous brands. OEM at the beginning from doing business here has created a number of well-known brands, Jinjiang sporting goods companies are facing the financing of international markets, industrial upgrading and so on. Listed a number of brands has become a goal.

Following the 2007 ANTA landed in Hong Kong stock market, the special steps are also on June 3 this year, listing on the HKEx to become the second publicly traded sporting goods company in Jinjiang, Fujian.

It is said that Jordan's company also plans to market this year, and in many countries registered trademark of Jordan's graphics, in order to explore the international market ready. However, if the international market, China and Jordan and the United States Air Jordan competition, brand recognition alone, which is self-evident a more competitive, and how to break the brand's international development strategy for Jordan constraints, is the company listed Jordan to be done before the decision, after all, Michael Jordan and basketball fans the world idol Michael Jordan had nothing to do.
Wu Xiaotian2010-02-19 10:40:44 +0000 #3
market share of power is so low, What kind of copyright infringement? Jordan fundamentally failing to appreciate its originality,
z, etc. I have the day2010-02-19 10:24:28 +0000 #4
This is registered by a moral wrong, but compliance with the law firm should have known Jordan since the last look at nba broadcast advertising technology platform that is actually in China and Jordan's eyelids tolerance under the advertising of the Jordan certainly know that he is no way but to take
k770i2010-02-19 11:18:19 +0000 #5
No, not the United States, "Jordan" is the value of this Jordan JORDAN But the Chinese are registered under the Chinese "Jordan," where is infringement?



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