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A few questions about basketball

474,024,7432010-02-19 10:11:05 +0000 #1
1. A player grabbed the rebound, but was sentenced to rebound and foul, after the match statistics where it rebounds pretty Mody?

2. Fat foul ball to a teammate, teammates a direct hit, operator assists Mody serve people?

3. A player cut off the other ball, but the breaking out of bounds, considered a steal Mody? If cut off, but we had not broken hand, were teammates picked up, counted once-broken steal the ball or to see who steals the ball?

4. Rebounding rebounds when the players will be appropriated for a teammate hands, count the first one who channeled rebounds rebounds, or predict with confidence who rebounds the ball?

5. Team player foul ball foul count Mody? Yes man foul ball or a foul is a foul person? As is the youngest to see the final score close to foul tactics started to take the time who are chasing a foul ball?

(I hope the respondents responsible for the accuracy of the answers, and he is ambiguous, do not answered)
cj4521071912010-02-19 10:15:37 +0000 #2
1, is not, exaggerated points and then you were pushing the gun rebounds, do you think fairly ?

2, calculation of

3, not steal, who steals the ball count broken

4, upstairs explanation is wrong, is considered the first person controlling the ball rebounds.

5, the interpretation is wrong upstairs, NBA's rules have changed, have limited the right players without the ball foul, the Spurs have been crazy to no-ball foul on O'Neal, because Shaq's serve poor, Na Changqiu The Spurs also won, since then Union on the limits to non-intentional foul ball players. Should be sentenced to technical foul.
THXPHILA762010-02-19 10:50:38 +0000 #3

2 is certainly not count

3 steal out of bounds is the legendary half steals it, that is not a technical statistical years, and broke into the team-mate there, of course, forget it, after 4 operator first person ah, if the grab rebounds is a direct dial Daoqian Chang teammates scored plus assists and rebounds do count to 5 on a non-foul ball handling, free throws once, then serve
Little White fat 12010-02-19 11:30:10 +0000 #4
1 is certainly not count


2 operator once a steal and then my own errors

operator who picked up the ball rebounds steals

4 count appropriated for the person

5 pairs of players without the ball is not an ordinary foul is a foul foul unsporting



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