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With regard to basketball to buy things

azz5205202010-02-19 12:10:10 +0000 #1
such as the title I bought a number of basketball is not a basketball drum package is the final leather basketball has been polished to basketball, I would like to ask what brand of basketball experts used a good feeling to be able to play a good resistance to the price can be relatively more If cheaper better picture please attach to thank you! !
Wei Feng Guo Department2010-02-19 12:25:22 +0000 #2
I used a number of basketball, Cedel and the use of relatively long Spalding. I feel that Skadden too hard, Spalding's feeling good, the price is not expensive, probably over 100 to 200 yuan. The Spalding basketball has the following features:

1. Leakage is not easy deformation, is not easy to open plastic from skin, basketball complex and strict production process, rugged sphere, (the factory, sample by 20000 times the impact test);

2. Circumference of the same degree, basketball is better than the overall consistency of the international special criteria (degree of difference in circumference is less than ± 2mm);

3. Dribble feel excellent, bouncing of moderate; SPALDING Basketball integrated feel very good. Since the founding 130 years, implies a number of legends. NBA superstar in the game of basketball when driving the direction and location of LOGO have a great stress must not be changed;

4. Credit guarantees and after-sales service, normal use, the shelf-life period, if quality problems returned unconditionally.

If you do not like it, you can look at the following.

The following is Baidu Wikipedia's basketball for the purchase proposal.

Basketball purchase and maintenance of:

produced no less than hundred manufacturers of basketball, but especially in three-ying, Spalding, and CBA basketball market brands account for a large amount of the market a variety of basketball under various names, so choose a good quality basketball on the very important, because the quality of a good basketball when you feel comfortable in use, and bouncing and rotating stable of basketball will be to develop good ball-handling habits, will help to make the technology standard in place movements, quality brand of basketball is also excellent you can enhance your self-confidence, improve the quality of training and exercise fun, of course, a longer service life of high-quality basketball, for example: SANYING brand, CBA basketball brand impact of the number reached 35,000 times without distortion, but also good quality and basketball service is thus guaranteed.

Ball breaking ball and adhesive seam ball, is commonly used adhesive basketball, volleyball adhesive from the gallbladder, the epidermis, the ball is made of the mouth and so on. Liner that the ball gall bladder, is the heart of the ball in the ball of the most inner layer, from a black rubber; epidermis is divided into synthetic leather (ultra-fine strong fiber, PU, PVC, etc.) and dermis; the ball to the ball for the mouth filling gas. The ball sizes, basketball, No. 3 sub-7,6,5 specifications, volleyball sub-5,4,3, No. 3 specifications, 7, basketball, volleyball 5.

2, how to choose good quality ball

the quality of a good ball feel very comfortable in use, and the bounce performance is stable, easy to develop good ball-handling habits, will help to make the technology standard in place movements, quality excellent Brand the ball also can enhance the self-confidence, improve the quality of training and exercise fun, once inflated can be used several times, life longer. To buy a good quality ball, need to take into account the following aspects:

1, purchase the regular production of the ball. The more well-known brands, and these production standards, strict management, focusing on process and product quality, its product is relatively stable and reliable.

2, the first charge into the proper air pressure the ball, find a flat cement and other hard surface, and then hold up the ball, so that the bottom of the ball at the 1.8m height, let go of its free fall to the ground, watching the ball's elasticity, good ball between the flexibility to 1.2m

1.4m. Bad quality of the ball bouncing or high or low.

3, visual inspection should be no turtle leather pattern, split face, stab wounds and so on, whether visual striae fine, the surface is smooth, football stitching is neat uniform spherical shell, Lo-line can not exceed 1.5mm, adhesive basketball ball Terrier must be straight, does not open plastic phenomenon.

4, air tightness checks, all kinds of balls we should focus on checking tightness, sphere require no leakage, the slow vent one's anger and so on. Commonly used inspection approach that would charge up to a certain pressure on the sphere after the mouth with clear water droplets in the air, if the bubble is illustrated in the sphere of small leaks.

3, the ball is to use

1, the best selection of inflatable tools for dedicated LPG filling needle, needle lubrication prior to use gas first, do not use needles or other deformation of the gas substitutes, to prevent damage gas nozzle.

2, each ball must be filled to its required pressure, 7 # basketball standard atmospheric pressure of 0.06MPa, 5 # football standard atmospheric pressure of 0.07MPa, volleyball standard atmospheric pressure 0.0425MPa, the standard atmospheric pressure, the ball's performance to play the most good, or easily deformed.

3, pay attention to site selection according to different series of balls of different materials, extended service life.

4, after use to clean the surface of the ball, real ball Do not wipe with a damp cloth to prevent mildew, be kept in a cool dry place.

5, do not sit on the ball on the ball so as to avoid distortion.

6, balls do not touch sharp objects, to avoid being punctured leakage.

1, the structure of basketball:

want to buy into high-quality basketball, it is necessary to understand the structure of basketball.

1, Liner: that the ball gall, is basketball in the heart of basketball's most inner layer, from a black rubber;

2, winding wire: the middle-grade basketball to be the Inner surface of the ball evenly winding a basketball special nylon yarn, the ball gall formation on the same cocoon as the protective layer, but not every basketball have adopted this technology, and many low-grade basketball is not wrapped around wire, but with gauze; to

3, in the gall bladder: bladder and skin of between the support structure, made from rubber;

4, epidermal: is divided into rubber, synthetic leather (ultra-fine strong fiber, PU, PVC, etc.) as well as leather three categories;

5, the ball mouth: Basketball inflated "throat "for the air tightness is critical.

2, high-quality basketball keystone of

1, Liner: Like three-ying, CBA brands are imported rubber, with high-grade automobile tires Liner material the same patented technology through rigorous processed, bouncing soft stable It is a high-quality basketball delicate touch of the inner source of good feeling will certainly bring a good self-confidence;

2, winding wire: 3-ying, CBA basketball brand using only a very good basketball Flexibility special nylon yarn, the use of sophisticated a dedicated basketball wrapped yarn machine evenly winding a length of up to 2 km, so that basketball bouncing even more texture, when the ball flight and spin shoot more stable, more accurate, and to make basketball more solid, non-deformation;

3, epidermal: high-quality basketball are used exclusively for the professional manufacturer of leather material, to meet the requirements of different sites and customers feel habit of three-ying basketball, CBA basketball brand offers a variety of different materials series of basketball for basketball fans to choose.

3, how to identify a variety of basketball

1, and passed the brand of basketball trademarks;

2, check the overall production process;

3, check bouncing degrees circle degrees, center of rotation, the ball mouth process, and integrated handle, etc.;

4, Check the ball pin and complimentary bags are complete;

5, check the printing certificate, as well as whether the serial number bar code on the sphere in line;

6, check whether retailers basketball brand manufacturers specify the distribution of certificates issued by the three-ying Basketball , CBA has a specially crafted brand basketball designated dealer certificate;

7, if still can not determine the authenticity can directly contact the manufacturers.

Purchase a good quality basketball, but also pay attention to use:

1, basketball, air pressure should be 7-9 pounds, or easily deformed. Testing Methods: In a flat hard surface texture, so that the height of basketball from a 180CM free fall, rebound height 125-145CM that is normal;

2, note that depending on the site selection of different materials series of indoor / outdoor private basketball;

3, after use to clean the ball surface (leather basketball Do not wipe with a damp cloth to prevent mildew), to be stored in a cool dry place.
Mo ash Sky2010-02-19 12:53:07 +0000 #3
I speak in fact, all basketball playing for a long time will be this way, I still love to say that strike at the blue and white nike training balls are not too expensive anti-war, among the more than 100 to 200
sun9133151532010-02-19 13:08:50 +0000 #4
waves to bad
cherry pepper2010-02-19 12:21:57 +0000 #5
Spalding ball should have met you, about 160-170

In addition, there are other brands of 100 or less, and those who should be watching the surface lines, and some may even glue stick can be seen, non-durable, the best one looks no better than a little rough work first
Snow YE Feng mark2010-02-19 13:05:40 +0000 #6
Spalding basketball is very good .-
Melo-year Maki Ban2010-02-19 14:43:15 +0000 #7
NIKE's basketball field is very Well

the above was written under the Outfield

or synonymous with the word

school ball Tama Tama Teng Teng (Molten)

Molten (Molten) is also a very good ball championships
88wade2010-02-19 14:51:35 +0000 #8
upstairs that rational, the ball is always bad, the old The new do not come Well do not. I often play surrounded by people who often play ball, the ball feels good is very important to say and durable, if you are a regular fight, play it on the usual venue, no matter how good the ball would not use too long, I suggest you buy one 100 or so bad it will not pity, I personally think that Spalding's on the can, I do not know what the person you are, you can find the cheapest place to go, summoned up the courage to, say, three, and so the South.
ly23ismehahaha2010-02-19 14:04:55 +0000 #9
Buy NIKE version of street ball. (3 color) feel good, with the regular basketball without distinction to 200 yuan. I have a really particularly good
UltraKIng2010-02-19 14:52:31 +0000 #10
Spalding 150-200 or so are good, there is nike the same price range. But you will certainly note the regular store to buy, be careful fakes
Demon de Games2010-02-19 15:27:08 +0000 #11
personal favorite Spud Ding, SF and SG's outdoor series
Kobe Bryant 1234562010-02-19 14:08:07 +0000 #12
Do not Nike's not expensive and durable. If below 200, if the money to buy Spalding's put, if you want cheaper to buy Matanga of the handle, well, that is, the kind used by FIBA, I also use pretty nice. About doing what is most important is to itself. I wish you luck A!
1 Ewha pressure Sea2010-02-19 17:44:49 +0000 #13
locomotive is not good and why so expensive to buy
a946202010-02-19 14:05:35 +0000 #14
Spalding or Jordan



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