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The 2010 season, which teams to participate in CBA? The official name of the name?

Attack is the best defense2010-01-16 04:01:34 +0000 #1
2010 season, which teams to participate in CBA? The official name of the name? Where is home? 2009-12-21 15:56

I want to ask supplementary questions the official name of the team (full) name? Where is home? For example there are 'huge house' in this cities?
United Kingdom2010-01-16 04:07:14 +0000 #2
CBA league

to participate in the 2009-2010 season, a total of 17 tournament teams is


Guangdong Hongyuan Liaoning Hunters

Shandong, Jilin Northeast Tigers Gold

Xinjiang Guanghui

Jiangsu Dragons

Fujian, Zhejiang Guangsha Xun Xing

Shanghai Dongfang Dongguan New Century

Zhejiang Cyclones

Shanxi, Shaanxi Dongsheng Yu Jin corner

Beijing, Tianjin Rong Gang

Bayi Rockets

Qingdao Double Star

2009-2010 CBA season, the team's Hall of introduction.

Dongguan City Stadium (Guangdong team)

built Age: 1994 and the number of seats: 4000

ticket prices 50-500

Description: Dongguan Stadium with Tigers have gone through 14 years of ups and downs and then becoming popular CBA League most popular arena, witnessed the glorious history of the championship team of five, is the birthplace of Hongyuan Dynasty

Youngor Stadium (81 teams)

built Age: 1994 and the number of seats: 5000

Ticket Price: 30 -120

Description: This saw 81 teams from eight crown of glory to the degradation of missing the playoffs, but the new season, fans will be brigade Youngor stadium to support their home team, as always,

Red Mountain Sports (Xinjiang Team)

built years: 2002 and the number of seats: 4500

Ticket Price:

Description: last season's runner-up in Xinjiang Guanghui 09-10 season, the home team is still Hongshan Stadium, here in Xinjiang, who won 24 to create a home record winning streak of the CBA, the devil at home this season, Xinjiang is expected to help to move forward

Tai Long Stadium (Dongguan Team)

built Age: 2000 to the number of seats: 3800

Ticket Price :20-300

Description: Tai Long Stadium has been Dongguan New Century Club buyout, becoming the only CBA team owned by a property at home. Witness, Dongguan team from the CBA to the new army reached the CBA league semi-finals of the feat

Shougang Basketball Center (Beijing Team)

built years: 2002 and the number of seats: 6000

Ticket Price :20-80

Description: Located in Shougang Group's headquarters Shijingshan District, although outside the rings located in the West Shougang Basketball Center location is more remote, but it is the capital of a basketball fan in mind Beijing landmark

Tiexi Stadium (Liaoning)

built Age: 2008

the number of seats: 4500

Ticket Price:

Description: first time in seven years, then moved back home Liaoning provincial capital Shenyang, were stationed in the urban area Tiexi Stadium. After last season's dismal experience, enthusiastic fans will be able to re-burning the Northeast team fighting

Nangang Sports Center (Jiangsu Team)

built Age: 1995 to the number of seats: 6000

Ticket Price:

Description: is located in Luhe District, Nanjing, Plant Royal A's Bazaar street Nangang Sports Center, can accommodate 6,000 people, the contractor over 15 years, the top league CBA basketball game, fans can go to watch the game in various forms

Hangzhou Stadium (Zhejiang Guangsha Team)

built Age: 1966

Seat Quantity: 5136

Ticket Price:

Description: Under the City Stadium is located in Hangzhou, Hangzhou Stadium Road, No. 210 has a long history Guangsha men's basketball since its inception, has been set up here in the home. The new season of Taiwan's "Beast"林志杰will settle down here

Riverfront Sports Center (Shanxi Team)

built Age: 1998 to the number of seats: 5331

Ticket Price :50-880

Description: The new season will be home in Shanxi Zhongyu moved to Taiyuan Riverfront Sports Center. And strength of the foreign aid over the year will bring the ball hot city, but this modern home is particularly important

Meihu Stadium (Zhejiang Taurus Team)

built years: 2005 and the number of seats: 6000

Ticket Price :

Description: In 2005, Zhejiang Cyclone (Taurus Team, formerly known as) will be home and moved to Yiwu Meihu Stadium, four years after the 2009-2010 season, the Taurus team back here to start their new season of the journey

Sports Center Stadium in Shandong Province (Shandong Team)

built Age: 1979 to the number of seats: 8800

Ticket Price:

Description: Shandong Sports Center Stadium is located in Jinan, completed in December 1979 and has over 30 years history, Jinan, Shandong, and even sports landmarks, which also carries more than a decade of hope of Shandong Men's Basketball

Zuchang Stadium (Fujian Team)

built years: 2002 and the number of seats: 6000

Ticket Price:

Description: Jinjiang Zuchang Stadium is located in Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, is a CBA team Fujian SBS-hsing, the main stadium. In addition, the Jinjiang Sports Center is also the Chinese badminton team's training base

source of deep Stadium (Shanghai Team)

built Age: 2007

the number of seats: 5000

Ticket Price:

Description: The new season, the Shanghai Sharks men's basketball in the new boss Yao stay as long as fourteen years after move out as long as the Shanghai Luwan Stadium, East tour to Shanghai Pudong Yuanshen Stadium Stadium

Changchun (Jilin)

built Age: 1957 to the number of seats: 4299

Ticket Price:

Description: Located in the city of Changchun Municipal People's Avenue Stadium can accommodate 4299 people, has always been for the Jilin Northeast Tigers basketball arena, known as the devil is known as home fans through a variety of ways to watch the game

Tianjin Sports Center (Tianjin Team)

completed years: 1994 and the number of seats: 10000

Ticket Price :20-60

Description: Tianjin Sports Center is an international standard multi-functional integrated stadium, the main stadium can accommodate 10,000 spectators, as the Tianjin Rong Gang Men's Basketball the main event hall, is the CBA, one of the hottest venues

Siyuan Stadium (Shaanxi Team)

built Age: 1999 to the number of seats: 4000

Ticket Price :40-200

Description: The home team in Shaanxi Xian Jiaotong University, Siyuan Stadium can accommodate 4,000 people here, and size is one of the CBA, hot home, college atmosphere is more to bring a different flavor

Qingdao University Gymnasium (Qingdao Team)

built years: 2005 and the number of seats: 6000

Ticket Price:

Description: The Museum is located in the Castle Center has always been easily accessible by transport, the environment is superior is known, after 11 shipped, after the baptism, Qingdao University Gymnasium hardware, there will be further enhanced to accommodate 6,000 spectators and the total number of people

2009-2010 season, CBA League (All-Star Game)

Wukesong Sports Center

built Age: 2007

the number of seats: 18000

Ticket Price:

Description: Wukesong Stadium was completed in August 2007, building the size of 63,000 square meters, can accommodate about 1.8 million people in the audience, the Olympic basketball venue in Beijing, but also Chinese basketball basketball shrine Madison Square Garden
Lorenzo McCLelland2015-08-10 12:13:53 +0000 #3

Hello; below is my full CV/Résumé; Caboolture Australia “SUNS” SBL.

Here's two links to watch my highlight film.

Followed by 6 links; first three links are full game footage; I am wearing #6 in the black jersey (visiting team) The last three links are highlight footage and an article from Eurobasket.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Blessings!

Lorenzo Mcclelland

United States Citizen /Passport

Height: 190cm/6’3

Position: Guard (1/2)

Wingspan: 6'8"

Born: 1987 (27)

High-School Career

Oak Park High School


District Championship in 2005

Advanced to Regional Playoffs


Collegiate Background

Mott Community College 2005-2007

8th in nation in field goal percentage

National Championship in 2007

Wayne State University 2007-2008 (NCAA Div.2)

Awarded GLIAC Player of the Week

Scored a total of 62 points in the first two

games of the regular season

Led team in assists, min played, second in

scoring, and third in rebounds

Rochester College 2010-2011 (NAIA)

Averaged 17 pts, 5 assists, 6 rebs, 2 steals,

.5 turnovers

Professional Career


Akraness (2011-2013)



8 games played total


37 mpg

20.5 ppg

5.0 rpg

5.0 ast

3.0 st

0.5 to

Advanced team to Playoff

Finals last time was in 1990

Scored career high 38

points in game 1 of the finals



12 games played total

35 mpg

18.0 ppg

6.0 rpg

5.0 ast

1.5 to


Eurobasket Summer League Las Vegas

Played for Helsinki and

won the entire summer league

Made the 2013 Eurobasket

Summer League All Star Team

Camp in Barcelona Spain until July 1st 2014, ran by Srdjan Premovic and Goran Premovic. Being coaches by top level ACB coaches as well.

Lorenzo McClelland

23001 Kenosha

Oak Park, Michigan USA 48237

Cell: (+1) 248-376-1094

Home: (+1) 248-677-0404 <>



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