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And important reminder (warning, long) Selkie2012-09-05 10:17
In two words, weak glutes. Months later, plantar fasciitis and hallics longus tendonitis. Rig
My dad benched me! Muirenn2012-09-04 21:21
For two days! He doesn't even want me to go to the gym and ride the elliptical. GGGRRRRRR. Vent vent
Slipping rib syndrome OakLeaf2012-09-03 05:21
Okay, I'm going to ask my PT when I see her on Tuesday, but in the meantime I'm wondering if I might
Too small mtn bike = shoulder/back issues...? zoom-zoom2012-09-02 20:26
Since DS has taken over my mountain bike I'm borrowing a friend's TINY Salsa Ala Carte until we can
What do you have in your first aid kit? pll2012-08-31 23:12
Last Sunday, someone fell in front of me. I was lucky enough to escape with a bruised knee and a sor
Occular Migrane Roadtrip2012-08-31 15:23
I woke this morning feeling a bit off. I found it hard to wake up like roused from a deep sleep. I'm
Knee injury - have to wait for treatment. Any exercises I can do in the mean time? Scrappy2012-08-30 09:12
Hello Ladies! 5 days ago I crashed pretty specularity which I'm guessing damaged the ligaments in my
What in the world did I do to my thumb? 2wheelr2012-08-29 22:23
I went for a long ride the other day, and I have a feeling I sprained my thumb, since my handlebars
Shoulder woes. Owlie2012-08-29 04:15
I somehow injured my shoulder at work yesterday while getting a bike off the rack (they're tiered ra
Quad strain... Catrin2012-08-21 03:16
Somehow I've managed to do it AGAIN, to the OTHER leg this time I know I've been very active the
Ongoing neck risks? luvmyguys2012-08-20 05:23
So I saw my chiropractor today. I mentioned that I was getting back to exercising, and mentioned my
lower back pain, right side during cycling diamondcat2012-08-19 16:16
any clue what causes this? too much water? not enough water? it cant be too much water because I was
cycling shorts? diamondcat2012-08-19 03:14
what are the best shorts you've come across? my Sugio's chamois pad has become way too cloth-y and
strained chest muscles - could you lift anything? Catrin2012-08-16 12:20
Trying to decide if I need to see if I can squeeze into my dr's office tomorrow before heading out o
For all of us ladies with IT Band syndrome westtexas2012-08-08 11:15
I know since I was diagnosed with IT band problems (and muscle strength incongruity) and went throug
OMG Cup Cleaning Idea! Muirenn2012-08-08 11:24
Just hear me out. I started using menstrual cups a couple of months ago. You are supposed to boil th
saddle sores Rubylvr2012-08-07 02:25
Hi All- Have been lurking around this web site getting great info, and finally joined! Yea! Anywh
Sore pectoral (I think) Catrin2012-08-07 00:20
Trying to figure out if there is something I can due to ease soreness from a fall today. I had a mil
Debilitating leg cramps after ride today Grits2012-08-06 22:15
Debated putting this under nutrition/hydration, but I guess either would do. Went for a ride with a
Saddle sores and turmeric? bluebug322012-08-04 16:20
Just heard a suggestion to try a turmeric supplement to help with saddle sores. Has anyone tried thi
Ankylosing Spondylitis nscrbug2012-08-02 23:23
Does anyone here on this forum have ankylosing spondylitis? I'm trying to learn a bit more about th
Uneven muscle development – any advice? silversurfer2012-08-02 17:23
In all my years of cycling, I've been extremely lucky and have not suffered from any major injuries.
The Positive of a Negative Selkie2012-08-02 04:25
Most of you are probably aware that I have been suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and am slowly reco
Knee strap & "Runners Knee" Catrin2012-07-30 06:21
I've "runners knee" that has recently improved so much that I've been able to do some short sprintin
Heel strain? sookiesue2012-07-27 03:17
Somehow I managed to strain my heel - it doesn't quite feel like achilles tendon, but perhaps where
crotch on fire in the shower diamondcat2012-07-26 12:21
anyone else experience stinging pain when water hits the girly bits down there after a ride?? or is
PF and Activities Selkie2012-07-24 20:15
Does anyone know if rowing on an ERG is ok for someone recovering from Plantar Fasciitis? My doctor
Infection? Muirenn2012-07-24 01:22
About a week ago I noticed a TINY hair follicle on the top of my thigh that looked like folliculitus
when to the Prednisone side effects stop? bmccasland2012-07-23 03:24
In May and early June I was put on prednisone by my doc (for 3 weeks) to help with my asthma and who
Thumb Carpometacarpal Spasms Catrin2012-07-19 00:15
I've assorted bits of osteoartitis and psoriatic arthritis here and there. I've been having some odd
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