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nscrbug2010-06-23 04:23:34 +0000 #1
Yup...I have the age of 44...and may I say that it really sucks! Obviously, I never got it as a child and was never vaccinated. I have no idea how I got infected, but I am convinced that it was from the gym. The fatigue and malaise feel like I had been hit by a freight train. Shuffling from my bed to the bathroom, felt like I had just ran a marathon. I look like a monster.

Thanks for letting me whine a little.

OakLeaf2010-06-23 04:35:04 +0000 #2
Yikes. Feel better soon!
Adventure Girl2010-06-23 05:09:16 +0000 #3
Yep! It sucks as an adult! I was "lucky" enough to miss chicken pox as a child. But "unlucky" enough to get it when I was an adult! Horrible -- just horrible!

I hope you are feeling better soon. You just have to let it run its course and be miserable for a while!
GLC19682010-06-23 04:33:14 +0000 #4
Oh dear! I'm so sorry! Get better soon.

I had it as a child...same time my little brother had it...same time my 38 year old mother had it! The three of us were a sight to see, let me tell you. My mom felt the worst of all of us, by far.

My father was lucky enough to be traveling in the far east at the time, so he missed out on all the fun!
NoNo2010-06-23 05:54:55 +0000 #5
I had them when I was young and wouldn't wish it upon anyone! Oatmeal baths, hallucinating from a 104º fever, and just covered head-to-toe with bumps. I still have scars from a few of them. The funny thing is, I still remember the exact moment I knew I was sick. I was in class and noticed a red bump on my hand. Not that much longer I could swear another one had popped up. I went to the nurse, but being a frequent visitor to her office, she sent me back to class

A little while later, I made a second visit, and again was sent back. Finally I returned a third time, and the policy was that they had to call your parents, so mom came and took me home, and sure enough the next morning I was sick as could be.

Feel better and do your best to resist the urge to scratch!
Kathi2010-06-23 04:54:37 +0000 #6
Hope you feel better, I had measles as an adult and they are not fun either.

I don't remember having chicken pox as a child but got tested to determine if I did (I'm the Shingles shot age). Apparently I had them somewhere along they way. My Dr. said a mild case was often overlooked when there were other children in the family.
Trek-chick2010-06-23 06:41:59 +0000 #7
I had them when I was 12.... pretty bad too. I only have one scar,

even though I caved and scratched my legs, in a pure blissful moment, because I just couldn't deal with the itchyness anymore. The scar is on my forehead from swishing a lock of hair out of my eyes...go figure. I second the oatmeal baths...Aveeno makes a good product for this.

get well soon
Jolt2010-06-23 06:23:23 +0000 #8
Yuck! Hope you feel better soon. I didn't get the chickenpox until I was 11 (when one of my little sisters brought it home--we all got it) and it was miserable then so I'm sure as an adult it's just that much worse.



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