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Epsom Salts

itself2010-12-12 04:02:41 +0000 #1
As I have been training for a Century ride, I made sure to pick up a lot of Epsom Salts to do some nice soaks in the tub. I can't say enough about how simple and how well they work.

If you have some aches and pain, give them a try!
pinkychique2010-12-12 04:14:31 +0000 #2
I LOVE epsom salts!! A good long soak in them is so nice. Good on the saddle sores too
Biciclista2010-12-12 04:16:05 +0000 #3
so what exactly are epsom salts? I Looked it up in wikipedia:

Magnesium sulfate is used in bath salts, particularly in flotation therapy where high concentrations raise the bath water's specific gravity, effectively making the body more buoyant. This property is also used to restore some Lava lamps damaged by being shaken by exchanging the water and adding drops of a concentrated solution until sustainable buoyancy is reached. Traditionally, it is also used to prepare foot baths, intended to soothe sore feet. The reason for the inclusion of the salt is partially cosmetic: the increase in ionic strength prevents some of the temporary skin wrinkling ("pruning" – partial maceration) which is caused by prolonged immersion of extremities in pure water. However, magnesium sulfate can also be absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation. It is also sometimes found in bottled mineral water, and accordingly is sometimes listed in the contents thereof. It may also be used as a coagulant for making tofu.[4]



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