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jessmarimba2010-12-12 23:46:22 +0000 #1
Alright guys, I'm losing it. I know I'm posting a lot and some of them make no sense (I'm really sorry), but I have no energy to do much but sit around online. And a lot of that comes from the fact that I still am not sleeping through the night because of my back (9 weeks! I could be a new mom or something).

I have tried everything I can think of. Avoiding caffeine, chamomile tea, tylenol PM, beer before bed...haven't tried Nyquil yet but I'd really rather not.

So, has anyone had any luck with Ambien? Or any other remedies? I am considering asking for a prescription at my appointment tomorrow.

Thanks so much!
OakLeaf2010-12-12 23:59:24 +0000 #2
I'd look to treat the problem directly. If the only reason you aren't sleeping is pain, let the doctor know how poorly your pain is controlled.

I know it's next to impossible to get decent pain relief from a doctor in the current climate ... but that climate makes it difficult to get tranquilizers, too, so it probably won't be any easier to get them.
Zen2010-12-13 00:01:10 +0000 #3
Ambien is a 'hypnotic': and will definitely let you sleep.

Try a half of one at first.

I can understand the desperation.
limewave2010-12-13 00:13:17 +0000 #4
I agree with Oak.

I was on ambien for awhile. It was awful. I'd take it usually right before bed, but sometimes DH or housework would distract me and I would black-out and do weird things and say really bizarre stuff that I would not remember the next day. Sometimes DH would have to carry me to bed. And it would also leave me with a sleepy hangover the next day. So I had to get another pill to "wake me up" . . .

I hope you can get the pain under control soon. Sometimes a glass of red wine in the evening does the trick too. Take care!
jessmarimba2010-12-13 01:13:31 +0000 #5
It isn't pain, exactly. Its more the fact that I am a generally a very restless sleeper, but I can't sleep...restlessly...anymore. Like, I unconsciously try to roll over, and I can't do that unconsciously now, so I wake up. Readjust. Move pillows so I am properly supported. And then nod off again. I do this about 10 times a night. I guess I want something that will encourage me to sleep deeply enough that I won't keep trying to move?

And these guys seem MORE than happy to keep throwing meds my way. I've still got two different prescriptions for percocet and they offered vicodin last week. So that's why I figure one more prescription shouldn't be too hard to get (sadly enough).
channlluv2010-12-13 00:07:13 +0000 #6
After Heath Ledger's overdose was tied to Ambien, Jack Nicholson said in an interview that he had been on Ambien, too, and had actually had an incident when he woke up a couple of hours after going to bed and he was driving his car down a very twisty-turny-over-the-cliff kind of road near his home, and he never touched the stuff again.

I hope you can find another solution.

KnottedYet2010-12-13 02:07:43 +0000 #7
I took Ambien for 2 weeks, and it was rather terrifying.

I'd prefer to never take it again.

Try a hot shower, hot buttered rum, warm milk, s*x, or something, before Ambien.
Zen2010-12-13 00:23:12 +0000 #8
I took Ambien, slept quite well and without incident.



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