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Chafed areas/saddle sore question

zoom-zoom2010-12-12 09:17:22 +0000 #1
Here's a question that I think I already know the answer to, but need confirmation.

I have been wearing 2 styles of PI shorts that I really like (Symphony and Symphony Cut). Even though the Cut version are simply supposed to be a shorter version of the Symphony, they fit a bit different...primarily they are looser all around.

I've lost some noticeable body fat in the past 3-4 months and am finding that I tend to get a bit of chafing in my groin where my inner thigh meets my outer labia. Nothing major, but it's chafing that wasn't there a few months back with the same shorts.

So I'm thinking that maybe my shorts are now a bit too loose and rubbing, or perhaps they are just wearing out. I have 3 pair of shorts and have logged probably 900 miles or so on each pair.


Incidentally, my husband is dealing with similar issues, though on a more severe scale. He has also lost some weight, but is not convinced that this is the cause of his saddle sore (which has kept him off the bike for a few weeks and originally developed about a month ago. His sore looks very much like cracked skin that refuses to heal, rather than anything inflamed like a boil or ingrown hair), since he's lost weight in this sort of pattern every Summer of riding and this is the first time he's had any significant saddle sore issues.

moonfroggy2010-12-12 09:23:49 +0000 #2
when i got thinner i needed new shorts because i had chaffing issues. if your shorts are now to big that can definitely cause it.
azfiddle2010-12-12 10:00:07 +0000 #3
Same thing for me-- I have had some chafing when my shorts were too big- and I've gone from XL (which were probably too large to start with) down to S over the last year. Gets expensive but I haven't had problems with the right size shorts....
zoom-zoom2010-12-12 10:16:47 +0000 #4
Ok, so my suspicions were right. My poor it is he can't find shorts that are generous enough around the quads and snug everywhere else. He has ginormous legs.



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