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Quads, hamstrings and clipless

Catrin2010-12-12 22:50:22 +0000 #1
Can moving from platforms to clipless (dual sided - platform/spd) pedals cause quad or hamstring soreness. I've only ridden 60 miles this week on clipless (not counting any riding with non-cleated shoes) and not all at once. However I do have some soreness about mid-thigh on the back.

Of course my trainer also put me on a new leg-press machine this week that has me in a different position. I do a fair amount of weight on leg-presses but to my understanding this does not target my hammies. I could be wrong though... just trying to decide my riding/work schedule for the weekend and how much attention to pay the soreness. Knowing where it is likely from would be helpful.

Added: A little more research has shown that it is possible the new leg-press machine may well be the root of this. He moved me from the main leg-press machine to where the position is close to a normal seated position to a machine with a far more reclined position that has to work different muscle groups - or at least in a different way. This seems to be more likely the issue rather than moving to clipless. I would assume that might impact the calves and quads more?

Owlie2010-12-12 22:52:17 +0000 #2
You may have found your answer, but I wanted to add my two cents:

My first clipless ride, I did about 24 miles (a distance I'd done before), but without having ridden for a few months.

My quads were least, less sore than they had been for that distance with that long a break. My hamstrings were screaming at me when I got off the bike. I certainly utilized that ability to pull up that does tax your hamstrings, so my quads got a break while my hamstrings had to do more work than they were used to.



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