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Biking Causes Osteoporosis????

itself2010-12-12 02:37:45 +0000 #1

Thank goodness I lift weights and hike!

alpinerabbit2010-12-12 02:44:23 +0000 #2

It seems like every time there is a study done there is another study that disproves it. If we eat sugar we'll die, if we don't eat sugar we'll die. If we exercise we'll get bone desease, if we exersice won't get done disease. If you eat fat you'll die, if you don't eat fat you'll die.

Last time I checked the human mortality rate was 100%. Even Christ died. Now matter what you do you're screwed.

from that thread.

Those pro cyclists - they are extremely thin to the point of anorexia - 6% body fat and less - don't you think this would have an impact?

Did they study recreational cyclists?



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