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Riding with injury-possible, if experienced

shootingstar2010-12-13 08:01:31 +0000 #1
I don't know what I did but seem to have pulled my left side hip muscles, which includes part of lower back and upper part of leg.

So did a 35 kms. today which felt lovely and glorious even though I was slower. Cycling up 10% hills and a couple of other little hills, was not the long as I remained spinning away on my bike sitting in the saddle.

It was actually stopping and pushing off (on right foot) at traffic intersections, caused pain/twinging each time.

Thank goodness it was Sunday with very light/no traffic in certain areas.

It is possible for certain, minor muscle injuries to cycle --provided one knows the route very well and if an experienced cyclist knows their own body well, goes abit slower, and is careful /relaxed in their cycling position.

***However I can see a newbie not understanding their own cycling body and bike response in relation to route terrain, just wrecking themselves after this same ride.



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