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Swollen "ahem....."

Gowest2010-12-13 07:57:40 +0000 #1
Hi ladies - I just finished my first time trial on my new TT bike. I had the bike set up by the same professional who set me up on my road bike - which has an awesome fit. I had been using my road bike with clip on aero bars for time trials - until I got my new Orbea Ora. I raced her tonight and used a selle time trial specific seat (ie the nose was padded with gel) I have never been in so much pain in my life. My labia are swollen to about four times their normal size. I could hardly get off the bike. I came home and sat in a tub - but the pain is quite intense. I have a high pain threshold - but this is pushing it!!! I have put ice on "it" and taken some ibuprofen.

I have two questions: (1) Any suggestions for treatment (2) What kind of saddle should I put on this bike?

The funny thing was - it didn't hurt until I sat up at the finish - it was a 20K time trial. I like time trialing - but I don't think I can bear this again. I suspect I will be off my bike for several days...,.good thing I was not going to race the entire omnium.

I am sure I am not the only person this had ever happened to.


Blueberry2010-12-13 08:06:02 +0000 #2

I think you're on the right track with ice and Advil. If there are abrasions, then either Vagicaine or A&D work well.

But OUCH, just OUCH!

As a completely unrelated aside, we've been taking about the Bicycle Inn for Labor Day on another thread - any interest??

Dianyla2010-12-13 08:31:58 +0000 #3

Originally Posted by Gowest

I am sure I am not the only person this had ever happened to.

No, you're definitely not the only one. I got a massive case of the Hot Dog Bun Labia somewhere around mile 150 of a double-century. The only thing I could do was slather on some vagicaine and grit my teeth the rest of the ride.

Consider trying a different saddle, and also realize that a "good" saddle can quickly turn into a "bad" saddle if you don't have tip angled down for using aerobars.
Wahine2010-12-13 08:24:10 +0000 #4
I agree with Dianyla. You may need to tip the saddle nose down a bit.

Ouch, I hope you feel better soon. I can sympathize.
RoadRaven2010-12-13 08:23:13 +0000 #5
My "ahem"

gets swollen at times too.

After a TT is common as I don't move from the one position at all for 40 minutes or so (and have usually warmed up for 30-40 minutes before hand, so weight is already being applied before the race starts).

And just echoing Dianyla and Wahine... the nose of the seat on my TT bike (which has bull horns and aerobars, and a low front end) is angled slightly more down than my road race bike. I have posted pix of them both in my thread in the "TE Member Race Results" forum if you want to see. The difference is much - only millimetres, but thats often all it takes.

So Gowest, are you going to post a race report for us of your first TT? There are several enthusiastic TTers here on TE and we're always keen to read about how others have found their TTs.

And what bike do you have for TTing on?
Zen2010-12-13 08:28:43 +0000 #6
Orbea Ora

HotDogBunLabia is too funny
teigyr2010-12-13 10:16:38 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by zencentury

HotDogBunLabia is too funny

yes it is. The sad thing is I know what she's talking about. Been there...don't usually notice until I'm in the shower. Why don't men have these problems?
RoadRaven2010-12-13 10:16:33 +0000 #8
Men don't get swollen labia cause they dont have labia

However... seriously... they do get other problems; numbness, sweeling, lumps etc etc

Why do you think Lance didn't realise he had cancer til it was well progressed? He thought the swelling and lumps were normal/expected swelling and lumps from his hours in the saddle!

Oh... and Zen... are you saying Gowest has an orbea for her TT bike? Somehow I missed the post about that - or didn't register it was for TTing...


Road ~ off-to-find-pic-of-GWs-bike ~ Raven



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