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Knee pain--due to fall or overuse?

yellowrose932010-12-12 04:20:59 +0000 #1
I am still new to cycling and am not sure if my knee pain is because of overuse or injury. I rode 30 miles on Saturday--10 to get breakfast and then 20 back home. (We took the scenic route). On the way home I had a minor fall. I unclipped one foot at a stop light, but then leaned the wrong way and fell. I hit my elbow and knee. They are scraped but nothing major. Got up, finished the ride. Then on Sunday we did a similar ride. 10 miles to breakfast and 17 back home. Now the back of my knee is hurting a lot. It hurts mostly to bend it. I'm just not sure if it's hurting because I rode 2 days in a row or because I fell. I had lateral release surgery on both knees 6 years ago, but cycling is one thing that usually doesn't bother my knees too much. (except for big hills and standing to pedal). Any thoughts? Do I let it be for awhile or see a doctor? I've been taking Motrin and it isn't doing anything for the pain. It was really hard to sleep last night--just couldn't get comfortable. Thanks!!
Muirenn2010-12-12 04:30:43 +0000 #2
I've had knee surgery. It's important that the bike be adjusted properly or knee pain results. Especially saddle height and knee position over the pedals. Of course saddle should be level.

Does the bike fit properly?

Check out this link:

Also, if you experience saddle pain, that affects your riding position as well, and could cause you to alter it enough to make your knees hurt.

Another question. Do your hands and wrists hurt too? Also problems related to fit. Just asking.

Might be a good idea to see a doctor
yellowrose932010-12-12 04:40:05 +0000 #3
I actually haven't had the bike fitted professionally. We got the bike from Craigslist and just got a new seat for it. The original owner had put a gel seat from Wal-Mart on it, so we got a Bontrager this weekend. Also getting a shorter stem. (I have a 56cm bike because of my long legs, but need a shorter stem for my arms). My hands and wrists hurt a little while riding, but are ok now. I think I put too much weight on my hands sometimes, but it is something I try to be aware of while riding.

Anyway, I think I need to go in to the bike place where my husband got his bike to get fitted. I might also call the doctor just in case. Thank you!!



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