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Worst Migraine EVER!

WindingRoad2010-12-13 04:03:05 +0000 #1
Just got outta bed at 4 o clock in the afternoon. I woke up in extreme pain at 3 AM this morning. The pain was so intense it made me throw up to the point I could even keep water down. I still don't feel right, I have halo's in my vision and my head is still hurting just not nearly as bad. Anyone here with migraines have any suggestions?
Tuckervill2010-12-13 04:05:23 +0000 #2
The emergency room?

Hope you feel better soon.

malkin2010-12-13 04:47:23 +0000 #3
KnottedYet2010-12-13 04:42:00 +0000 #4
Oh, baby, I'm so sorry you got a bad one.

I second the opiates. (And the legitimate cocaine derivatives.) Tylenol with codeine is a miracle for mine.

Put on sunglasses and sip the electrolyte you use on the bike (my biking Clif blox and Clif drink mix are heavenly when I've got a bad one) and either call your on-call for a med script or get someone to drive you to the ER for a 3-day supply.

Don't suffer needlessly. Better living through chemistry!

ETA: if you are still puking, the ER can give you a demerol shot. You *must* have someone drive you!
WindingRoad2010-12-13 05:43:11 +0000 #5
It's about 7:30pm now and I only now starting to feel human again. Knotted it's funny you said the electrolyte thing cuz I had just had a glass of gatorade and it seems to be helping. I am cooking green beans out of the garden in hopes the smells will stimulate my appetite. I've been eating crackers most all day cuz nothing has sounded good. I absolutely love fresh out of the garden green beans so hopefully I can eat them, they are starting to smell like heaven.

Just wish I had some fresh outta the garden little red potatoes to throw in with the beans, mmmmmmm.

I think I am going to have to get to a doctor soon and get a script for migraine meds again. That sort of bums me out because I haven't had a bad one in a very very long time and I was really hoping I was getting over it. I am getting ready to make some pretty big life changes too so I'm sure that hasn't helped either. Regardless I think I would be well served to have those meds at hand in case I get another whopper like last night. I won't always have my sweet boyfriend to take care of me after I move

You know it's love when your man keeps you from passing out in your own vomit
redrhodie2010-12-13 05:01:53 +0000 #6
Have you ever tried seeing a chiropractor for migraine? A neck adjustment works wonders for me. It usually stops the migraine in its tracks if I go as soon as I feel one coming on, and can totally prevent them if I go when my neck starts hurting. The adjustment usually keeps me migraine free for about a year. I was previously on Imetrex (sp?) and hated it.
abejita2010-12-13 06:50:39 +0000 #7
Zomig does it for me, gets rid of it completely. For me, opiates make the migraine go away for a couple hours then it comes back. To bad the zomig is $25 bucks a pill and vicodin is a couple bucks...

+1 on the chiropractor!
nolemom2010-12-13 07:39:19 +0000 #8
We just had a long conversation with my daughter's pediatrician about migraines. We both suffer from them. He was discussing an article that stressed that since sleep is the "cure" for many people, every migraine sufferer should have some drug that will help induce sleep when the preventative medications don't work. My doctor was of the same opinion and had already prescribed promethazine - it is used to prevent nausea and is also an allergy medication. I have only had to take it twice but it stops the vomiting and I sleep for 2 to 3 hours. Both times, when I woke up the worst of the migraine had passed. I use Relpax as a preventative, but sometimes it just doesn't work or I am delayed to long in taking it. Talk to your doctor about your options. I also recommend reading The Migraine Brain.



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