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Glutes/adductors unhappy with cycling

bluebug322011-01-27 02:16:41 +0000 #1
Unless I'm fully recovered (meaning no biking/running for more than a few days), I get pain (often sharp) in my outer glutes and adductors when I spin for very long or when I apply much resistance to my training. Sometimes my IT band is also involved. I regularly massage my muscles or roll them with the stick and do yoga. I've also had a bike fit recently. Does anyone have any insights as to what the problem might be? I'm thinking possibly a strength imbalance, but how do I correct it without hurting these muscles further?
JennK132011-01-27 02:21:50 +0000 #2
Did this start AFTER your bike fit? You said when you spin - do you mean spin class, or spinning on your bike? I'm still adjusting to my bike fit (mostly my new saddle, though lots of adjustments were made), and it's common to have some soreness after a fit while your body adjusts to the new position.

I try to set up the spin bike as close as possible to my bicycle geometry, especially since I spend more time in spin class than on my own steed - I also had the LBS set up my spin shoes to match my regular cycling shoes (spin class is in a gym and we need to wear non-marking white treaded shoes in there, so I have different shoes than I ride with).

Just a couple of ideas/questions.....



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