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Bouncing back from a short illness

OakLeaf2011-04-01 04:15:26 +0000 #1
So I'm getting over the flu. Ugh.

It's really been remarkably mild as far as the flu goes (thanks to black elderberry extract, I'm convinced) - I only had a fever for two days - but during those two days I managed to lose seven pounds (which that kind of weight loss is never the kind that does any good, as much as I'd like to take a picture of the scale), and I've still got a persistent deep cough and a lot of junk in my sinuses and ears. It doesn't help that I'm in the pollen capital of the USA right now.

I'm just soooo weak - right now I can walk slowly for about 5 minutes, or sit in a straight chair for 15, before I have to go back to the couch. Anybody have any tips for bouncing back quicker? I'm booooored - and I'm five weeks out from a century that I wasn't in shape for before I got sick.

I was craving red meat so badly the other night that I called up the guy who sells beef at the farmers' market and made DH drive out to his farm and get me a steak.

After that I feel like I'm pretty much where I need to be nutritionally, but any tips (including other nutrition tips) welcome!

maillotpois2011-04-01 04:26:29 +0000 #2
I say listen to your body for at least another week or so. If you have a craving for something - eat it. If you want to lie down - lie down. I think the only way to bounce back quick is to allow yourself to FULLY recover from whatever it was that hit you.

- from one who has a really hard time following her own advice.
malkin2011-04-01 04:20:47 +0000 #3
What she said, rest and drink as much fluid as you can stand.

I had H1N1 last year (as did Brewer and the cat) and it wasn't pretty. Take as much time as you need.



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