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Funky Ribs

10ACTRIgirl2011-08-17 05:21:54 +0000 #1
Hi ladies,

I am just getting back into triathlon training after about a 5 year hiatus from pretty much all physical activity. I've completed two tris so far this summer, and have one coming up this weekend.

I have hit the pavement pretty hard the past few weeks, logging more miles in the saddle and longer runs and swims to get ready for this race...but I've been kind of stopped in my tracks--I believe I have dislocated a rib head. If you've ever had this happen, you know it is extremely uncomfortable. I feel like I have a knife wedged in my spine right below my shoulder blade.

I delt with chronic rib dislocations and rib fractures as a collegiate athlete, but at that time, I had access to a training room full of equipment and professionals to help me out...that is no longer the case. I just found out that my insurance will cover chiropractic visits, so I'll be setting up some adjustments. I also have a friend who owns a yoga studio who says she'll help me prevent this from happening, I'm set, right?

Well, not really...I just need to know if anyone has any tips, tricks, or advice for how to deal with this just through Sunday (race day). I've been icing and stretching, and I've (reluctantly) taken the last two days off completely, which I hate doing right before a race. Should I wear a rib belt? Do those things even work? Or just swallow some ibuprofen and grin and bear it? Thanks in advance!



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