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Staying Cool in summer heat

Sky King2011-08-25 19:20:42 +0000 #1
Hi Everyone,

Was reading a post on yesterday about staying cool when riding in the heat. Thought I'd throw this out and see what everyone does. They tend to soak their Jersey or Shirt with water. Realize not everyone wants to ride dripping wet. I always carry a bandana and will soak that and tie it around my neck. I do own one of the bandanas with the gel inside that will swell up and stay cool but it is heavy when wet so I save that for backpacking.

If I am riding hills and a creek or lake are nearby I have no qualms about dunking my head in the water. If I am riding from my house, I will get my head wet before I put on my helmet. I don't carry a camel back and tend to keep my water bottles for drinking so won't soak with them unless I know I can refresh the bottle.

What do you do?
OakLeaf2011-08-25 19:29:14 +0000 #2
I haven't had good luck with the bandannas. They're too thick and actually insulate my neck. But I recently read that even when they do "work" - when they cool the neck - they trick the body into thinking it's cooler than it really is, which seems to me it could be dangerous.

I make sure I have one bottle of plain water that I can pour over myself - back and thighs seem to make the most difference. I will wear a hydration pack if I know I'm going to be a long way between water stops (this usually only happens on organized rides), but generally don't.

I have an evaporative cooling vest that has literally saved my life more than once on the moto, but haven't tried it at bici speeds yet. I don't want to be stuck carrying the thing if it doesn't work or makes things worse the way the bandannas do for me. I'll probably try it out at zero speed (gardening) in the next few days.



not everyone wants to ride dripping wet

I'm dripping wet ANYWAY. Pouring water over myself means I'm dripping with air temperature (or slightly cooler) water rather than body/sun temperature sweat.

Some people freeze their water bottles. I don't bother, since by the time I've been out long enough to want the chill, they're air temperature anyway. I don't use insulated bottles because I don't want to have to clean them. Running in the heat I do put a lot of ice in my pack.
Sky King2011-08-25 20:08:48 +0000 #3
I probably should have prefaced this with a note that we have basically zero humidity in the high desert of Idaho ~ I will have to research you vest, that sounds interesting. I have been ditching the bike jersey and riding in my L/S sun shirt. Mine is cotton (gasp) but I find it super comfortable and I can get it wet and it still is lightweight and not sticky
maillotpois2011-08-25 20:43:22 +0000 #4
Ice in the sports bra, shorts, wherever you can put it.
OakLeaf2011-08-25 20:15:11 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Sky King

I will have to research you vest, that sounds interesting.

I have a unisex TechNiche: vest. Since I got mine, they now have them in women's sizes and even in styles for bicyclists and runners, with hi-viz accents and side ventilation panels.

Unisex ones, in a variety of brands, are widely available now at moto shops and industrial supply houses. You might still have to order one of the other ones (or even better, talk your LBS into stocking them).

ETA - TechNiche sponsors: www.techniche-intl.c...e-international.html Team Saxobank Sungard
Veronica2011-08-25 20:59:42 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by OakLeaf

I don't use insulated bottles because I don't want to have to clean them.


I don't care what the manufacturer says - mine go through the dishwasher.

I freeze my insulated bottles and they will stay cold for quite awhile. I have some that I put nothing but water in and some that are for my drink of the week - Gu Brew or Heed.

Camelbak has the Podium Ice Bottle which is the bottle I take back and forth to work. If it is fully frozen in the morning, I still have cold water at the end of the work day.

I have started fully covering my upper body when I ride or run. DeSoto's arm coolers and bike jersey really do seem to keep you cooler when you are moving. I have to resist the urge to pull off the sleeves when I stop.

For running I've been wearing some long sleeve tops that I got from Athleta: . I did an afternoon run while in Glacier, about 85 degrees and humidity so low my mouth was completely dry after 1/2 a mile. The top worked great! Okay, so I practically lived in them for the last two weeks, hiking at Glacier and whitewater rafting Hell's Canyon.

OakLeaf2011-08-25 20:49:04 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Veronica


You must have a better dishwasher than I do!


If it is fully frozen in the morning, I still have cold water at the end of the work day.

But at school, it's not in the hot sun the way it would be on the bike, right?
Veronica2011-08-25 20:07:30 +0000 #8
No, the classroom temp is kept at 78. It keeps it cold longer in the classroom than the Polars do though. I'm waiting for my Polars to die so I can justify buying more. I have a whole cupboard full of Polars though.

I haven't tested it on the bike, so can't give numbers there. It's the bottle I leave in the car cooler so I have cold water AFTER the ride.




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