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Oily skin post-hot ride

Catrin2011-08-27 21:13:27 +0000 #1
I hope this doesn't sound too gross, but I've not had this happen before and was curious if others have experienced this on hot rides.

I had a short 21 mile ride last night. It was about 94ish when I went out, though the humidity was lower yesterday than it has been so it felt pretty good - did I just say that about 94 degrees

During the week I ride in a pretty shaded nature preserve/park across from my house and reserve my country road riding to the weekends. I felt fine last night during the ride, didn't feel the heat at all. I knew it was hot, so made myself have a couple of shot blocks for the electrolytes at some point. The only thing in my Camelbak was ice water, and started out with more ice than water.

While doing my usual stretches afterwards I noticed that my skin was, well, for lack of a better word, oily - indeed it seemed pretty thick in some places on my legs. It wasn't sweat, at least not in a form to which I am accustomed - and I had not put lotion, sunscreen or other chemicals on my skin prior to the ride. This pretty much covered all exposed skin south of my neck... I couldn't see any salt on my skin.

I am assuming this was simply from riding in very hot temps, just curious if others have noted this. I must not that my skin is far more dry than oily in general.

OakLeaf2011-08-27 21:27:46 +0000 #2
I only get it on my face, and less so as I get older.

But it's related to two things besides the heat - my diet, and how much I moisturize.

I've always had combination skin on my face, but the oily parts get *really* oily, and so I never used to moisturize in the summertime. But I finally learned that if I moisturize regularly even when it's humid, my oil glands are less overstimulated and less likely to gush.

Trans fats in particular, it seems like every molecule I eat winds up on my face.

I used to eat a low-fat diet and had a lot of trouble with splurges gushing out my pores - literally if I ate anything fried, I'd be wiping the oil off my face and it would look like I was checking the dipstick on my moto.

But in the past few years I eat a lot of healthy fats - nuts for breakfast pretty much every day e.g., and sometimes a spoonful of Udo's Choice - and my skin seems a lot more stable.

Still not really sure what's diet and what's age.
Catrin2011-08-27 21:21:09 +0000 #3
Hadn't thought about that Oakleaf, good thought. I do have a pretty low-fat diet, on the average about 20-25% of my calories are from fat - and I try to keep them all healthy fats outside of my occasional ice cream cone.

I won't say I don't ever splurge, but it doesn't happen often and the last time at a TDF pizza party at my LBS a week ago. I wonder if it has taken this long for that to get out of my system? I know the 2 pounds I gained that night is still trying to hang around

I didn't have THAT much pizza, but it has been several years since I last had any at all - (outside of home made on whole wheat dough with no meat and little cheese - probably not real "pizza").



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