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finally-no more sloshing and another step forward

marni2011-09-02 02:35:37 +0000 #1
after nearly a month of commuting 40 mile round trips every other day to get the cavity of the no longer there breast drained, I have gone a whole week without having to drive in to the Dr. Hopefully that is over with. In a moment of blind optimism, I went in today and got fitted for a prosthesis. All in all it wasn't all that traumatic, and I am now the proud owner of a "beanie bag baby" silicone prosthesis with bra to accommodate it, a pad to fill in the top of the other side so that the shapes match. just in time to be able to wear a lady dress to my husbands dinner party Sunday. Also got a sports bra that holds it so will give it a try at the gym. Not too thrilled about that, I seem to have been doing ok with just nothing and a regular old 5.00 sports bra from Walmart but the trainer mentioned to day that it looked like I was starting to let my surgical shoulder roll inwards, and seemed to be carrying it that way so I guess I will have to wear the whole rig most every day just to prevent postural changes.

I can't tell you how many years it has been since I have worn a regular bra-this may take some getting used to.


KnottedYet2011-09-02 02:39:31 +0000 #2
Athleta and Title 9 make a note in most of their clothes which ones can accommodate a prosthesis. (sometimes it takes making a slit in the lining and slipping the prosthesis between the lining and the main fabric of the top)

Congratulations on getting out of the drain-game! Are you wearing a bulb, or are you done with drains all together?

The surgical shoulder will roll inwards, the scar tissue contracts like shrink-to-fit Levis. Your trainer will give you mid and lower trapezius and rhomboid strengthening exercises, and pectoral stretches to help counteract the shrinkage. He can also run tight McConnell tape or kinesiotape along the belly of the lower trapezius to facilitate postural correction.

It will all work out in the end. Hang in there!
shootingstar2011-09-02 03:20:22 +0000 #3
May you heal slowly and surely, marni.

I'm abit lost....what do you mean it's been awhile since you wore a regular bra until now?

As you can tell, I don't wear sports bras. I'm small anyway.

I also like to cover up my upper body when I cycle..saves my skin over the years from too sun.
marni2011-09-02 03:37:57 +0000 #4
to answer various questions. Yes I am done with the drain game and the front and the back of the wound are healing together.

I have always worn a sports bra, even when I weighed a lot more than I do now, at least since I got out of college. Of course in these days of breast the size to two fried eggs sliding towards the belly button, I go without a bra all together some of the time, never when I rode though. The I always have on a sports bra, a wicking underlayer, and a jersey, and these days arm covers to protect my arms .

I will take a look at the athleta and title 9 stuff. The trainer was the one who mentioned the change in posture so I'm confident he will be on the ball as far as exercises and stretches.

For some reason this feels like a maor step forward mentally as much as physically.

OakLeaf2011-09-02 04:27:30 +0000 #5
Congratulations on being done with that, and hoping the rehab goes well.

I really wish you were getting more support, even though you're on the road forward now.

I wonder if your being such a trooper about this, encourages people to take advantage of you and discount what you're going through.

I'll mind my own business about that now. Unless maybe, hearing how much it upsets me, is the impetus you need ...
marni2011-09-02 04:42:40 +0000 #6
It's true I have very little support, I am being a trooper because I refuse to sit and have a pity party. I am basically (aside from husband and family) a solitary person, I have a few very close friends none of whom live near by, and a few acquaintances from my other life as a hand spinner and weaver, but even when I asked for help, no one stepped forward. Even the ACS phone voluteer who promised to call and see how I was doing has yet to be heard from.

The last couple of weeks have been harder because 90 year old resident FIL has been having breathing issues and we have been hitting the doctor frequently which is always an exciting 3 or 4 hour experience. Now that he is on a nebulizer perhaps things will quiet down to a normal rut again.

I am on the road forward and will persist. I am if nothing else a stubborn bloody minded individual, and maybe eventually the temps will drop to somewhere doable for actual riding in less than triple digits.

Obviously some days go better than others. Today the trainer asked me if I felt like I might want to try and run a 5 k in November. I have never run in my life, and for years have been afraidd of reinjuring the knee with missing ligament and little cartilege, but I have enough faith is his skill as a trainer that if he says he thinks I can do it, I probably can. It will make a new challenge .

Thanks for caring.




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