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Pat Summit Diagnosed with Early Dementia

itself2011-09-07 02:24:07 +0000 #1
This is horrible news. The winningest coach in all of basketball history, is dealing with dementia. My prayers go out to her. God willing some of the newer approaches in medicine may help...
indysteel2011-09-07 02:29:22 +0000 #2
That's a real shame. I wonder if there's a family history or if it might be related to any head injuries from her days as a player.
PamNY2011-09-07 02:33:58 +0000 #3
I believe she mentioned family history. Here's a story from the Knoxville newspaper: .

And from the Washington Post: www.washingtonpost.c...IQADEuDZJ_story.html (I love the first paragraph of this story).
ultraviolet2011-09-07 03:42:47 +0000 #4
As a Tennessee alum, member of the pep band that played at numerous Lady Vols games and NCAA tournaments and long-time admirer of Coach Summitt, I'm beyond sad tonight.



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