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Pain In Hips?

Bethany12011-10-02 17:16:40 +0000 #1
Ever since I started cycling both sides of my hips hurt. Come morning I'm so stiff and sore that getting out of bed hurts. Once I'm up and moving it goes away. My back does the same thing but the added soreness of the hips is making sleep rough.

Just wondered what muscles are irritated so I can stretch properly and/or strengthen it. I moved funny last week and the left side started spasing like crazy for a day. A doc will just hand me a script for a muscle relaxer and I've got tons of that.

I haven't ridden in a couple of days to let my body rest after doing a day of 9 miles and the next 8 miles (with hills) and my usual back soreness is there but not the hips.

I wish I could pinpoint the right area of where it's sore, but it's above the hip bones. Sometimes it goes down the leg but usually stays just above the hips and the sides. It's not just cycling, it happens when I walk a mile as well.
goldfinch2011-10-02 17:21:19 +0000 #2
Bethany, you have had a lot of problems with pain and exhaustion riding. My feeling is that at this point you should go to the doctor and outline all of your issues and your fitness goals. It is time.
ladyicon2011-10-02 17:28:43 +0000 #3
I had hip/groin pain after riding in the mornings. Went to Docs and they had no idea what it was. Had mri and nothing showed up. Finally I went to a sports medicine Dr. and had him look at the mri. He was able to see arthritis in the hip and in my knee when he saw an xray of knee. Received cortisone shots in both and have since feel great. Getting old sucks.



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