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eye relief from hot peppers

shootingstar2011-10-05 13:14:57 +0000 #1
For the first time, I worked with some hot banana peppers ...and the capsaicin or natural pepper oil (more whatever juice, from the pith/seed?), got into my eye.

I was working with bare hands and didn't realize how sensitive I was. In desperation, I used some body lotion which had some aloe vera in it to take the sting out. But I didn't stick it my eye,

That natural pepper residue seems to have steeped my kitchen towel, a hand towel in bathroom. My skin is sensitive to it.

What is your go-to remedy when dealing with this? I've read that pur aloe vera juice from the plant is helpful, whole milk??
OakLeaf2011-10-05 13:20:04 +0000 #2
I would never put anything else in my eye that wasn't specifically meant to go there.

I don't suppose even a saline rinse would help, since capsaicin is oil-soluble, not water-soluble.

It goes away pretty quickly. It hurts like !@#@#$ until it does, though.

As far as getting it off your hands, use an industrial-type hand scrub. Act like it's (odorless) 90w gear oil and it'll come off.



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