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Question for acid reflux sufferers

outdoorsgurl2011-12-16 00:26:40 +0000 #1
I started with this lovely mess a few months ago. I'm still not symptom free but feeling better thanks to Nexium and Prilosec....which i HATE taking!. I'm having an upper GI done next month. I am so limited as to what I can eat. I am going on a 3 day biking trip this weekend and I'm wondering what I can take with me on the trail for energy snacks? I have always taken protein bars and vitamin zero water. Seems like that's no longer an option and I'm so not happy about that! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I do eat peanut butter everyday and that doesn't bother me too much so that is one option. But would just like some other suggestions. And I guess I will be drinking plain water.
Biciclista2011-12-16 00:31:24 +0000 #2
i am glad you are getting an upper GI done. Acid Reflux is linked with esophageal cancer which my DH was just diagnosed with. Please do everything you can do to turn this around, even if they eventually find medicine that "works" for you. My DH has been basically asymptomatic for YEARS thanks to medicine, but the damage was continuing.

it's hard to tell from what you are saying what you can or cannot eat. the good news it's cooled off so drinking water is probably ok!
outdoorsgurl2011-12-16 01:05:46 +0000 #3
Thank you for your response. I have done plenty of reading on the condition. I'll feel better after I have the upper GI done. I had never really suffered from heartburn until recently. I started back in May with the feeling of something stuck in my throat. Then a month or so later i had some burning in my chest and throat and some discomfort in my chest. That's when I went to see my doc. He gave me the Nexium because I wanted to try meds before GI. But then I decided to go ahead and schedule the test. The nexium helped me some. Help the feeling of something in my throat right away but I still had some burning in chest and discomfort. I'm also trying some natural remedies hoping something will work. After I have the test I'm going to talk to my doctor about possibly trying some natural remedies without the meds and see how I do.

Btw...i am a healthy person who weighs 127 and exercises regularly and I have always tried to eat fairly healthy. I think i was eating too much dark chocolate and had some stress going on for a while. That could have triggered the condition. I have cut out all caffeine and spicy foods.
Biciclista2011-12-16 00:38:55 +0000 #4
my DH rode his bike 12,000 miles last year. he's a super fit endurance cyclist who also eats a great diet. I am really happy you are having this looked at.
SheFly2011-12-16 02:14:14 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by Biciclista

my DH rode his bike 12,000 miles last year. he's a super fit endurance cyclist who also eats a great diet. I am really happy you are having this looked at.

Yup - and my DH rides not quite as many miles as Mimi's (more in the 8-9K range), is a racer, and also super fit. He also suffers from reflux, and has now had 2 GIs which have, thankfully, shown no cancer to date. These tests are now, however, part of his regular maintenance.

His GI doc tells him to take Prilosec daily. DH doesn't like to do that, so takes it every other. If he misses one, it's trouble for him! Like Mimi says - get it taken care of now. Fitness is irrelevant.

outdoorsgurl2011-12-16 01:43:46 +0000 #6
I definitely will stay on top of it! Thank you! Glad both the husbands are doing well. I think giving up chocolate has been the hardest for me. I'm HOPING I can get the reflux under control so that I can have a little sometimes.
Biciclista2011-12-16 03:15:31 +0000 #7
the my husband is not doing well. Cancer is not a good thing. sorry.
outdoorsgurl2011-12-16 01:50:18 +0000 #8
I'm sorry, Mimi. Cancer is definitely a nightmare! I thought maybe he was doing well if he was still doing lots of cycling. I didn't mean to be insensitive.



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