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Constant Saddle Sores

tinysmom2011-12-29 02:23:39 +0000 #1
I ride approximately 150 miles weekly and have suffered from saddle sores for years. I got a professional fitting on my bike and have changes saddles (from Terry to Specialized Ruby and now using a Cobb). I buy good shorts and take them off immediately after my ride. I use the appropriate creams/salves. I am wondering if I need to try another saddle. Typically the sores are NOT on the soft tissue area but are instead on the sides.

Does anybody have suggestions?
Sky King2011-12-29 02:35:53 +0000 #2
When I had that issue is was because the saddle I was riding was too pear shaped (gilles berthoud aspin), once I switched back to more of a t shape the problem went away.

As soon as my foot heals I am going to try a Selle An-Atomica but at the moment I am on a fizik vittesse sport (old one) some women hate them but it fits me perfectly. Am assuming you have looked at all the fantastic saddle posts? Have you measured sit bones?
OakLeaf2011-12-29 02:30:21 +0000 #3
+1 - irritation at the butt crease or inner thigh area could be a sign of a saddle that's too pear/wedge shaped. Cobb saddles are about as wedge-shaped as they get.

Were you getting irritation in the same places with the Ruby (much more T-shaped)? What is your sitbone measurement and what size Ruby did you try?
nscrbug2011-12-29 02:35:19 +0000 #4
In total agreement regarding Cobb saddles being very wedge-shaped, not to mention extremely narrow (130mm) for most women. It was the very reason why I ditched my Cobb after just 2 weeks. I would suggest what others have - measure your sit bones. I'm currently on a Ruby 155, and while it is not always perfect, it seems to be my best option at the moment.



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