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parotid gland

ehirsch832012-01-30 05:23:37 +0000 #1
Has anyone had issues with the parotid gland?

Mine has been swollen for a week,extremely painful- which has resulted in a liquid diet mostly.

Went to internist Tuesday and they put me on antibiotics but it hasn't made a difference (on day 5 today,2 more to go)

Haven't ridden my bike since Sunday since I wake up with massive pain
indysteel2012-01-30 05:33:29 +0000 #2
Do you have mumps? I know another TE's sister had it recently (as an adult).

ETA: I hope you feel better soon and that your doc figures out what's causing it.
ehirsch832012-01-30 06:03:25 +0000 #3
No mumps due to no fever or other signs- also it is only the left side.

Mostly just super painful when I eat, talk a lot or yawn.

Had a stressful day yesterday- tried to have a few sips of wine, on the 3rd or 4th sip I felt like someone was jiggling a knife in my glands

I know I could ride- my body feels fine, I actually did 45 minutes on the trainer last night in zone 1.. but I am a huge believer in not going over that when on antibiotics so the body can heal( I also have a horrible immune system with no thyroid and a recent history of lyme disease).

I think I need to see a new dr. b/c at my internist I only saw the PA and her thoughts were- it could be an infection, a stone or a cyst- it will pass, take antibiotics. But it has been this way for a week with no change and drinking protein drinks for meals is getting quite annoying( I end up breaking down and eating homemade soup for dinner but the chewing of the vegetables/meat leaves me in pain after)
Veronica2012-01-30 06:08:32 +0000 #4
My salivary ducts get frequent blockages causing my gland to swell. I've only had to go on antibiotics once for it though.

For me it's an indicator of dehydration. The better I hydrate, the less often it happens.

Riding or running helps me - the increased blood flow or something seems to help the blockage go away.




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