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Tickling in my Throat Causing Cough

itself2012-02-21 16:25:26 +0000 #1
Geez, this tickling in my throat had me up coughing all night. Anyone know how to get rid of this bugger?
Pax2012-02-21 16:36:16 +0000 #2
I use this when that happens, works really well I can can go right back to sleep.

smittykitty2012-02-21 17:05:11 +0000 #3
Geez, my husband woke up with my cold. He is sitting here with this tickely cough that he can't get hid of. Guess what I'll be picking up at the store this morning? Thanks. Very timely, unfortunately.
malkin2012-02-21 17:12:21 +0000 #4
Hot lemon aid & honey (and whiskey as needed).
OakLeaf2012-02-21 16:49:42 +0000 #5
Antihistamines if it's allergic, black elderberry extract if it's infectious?

IME anything taken orally for topical relief doesn't get far enough into the respiratory tract to do any good, unless it's got some menthol in it where the aromatics will help.
Melalvai2012-02-21 16:47:29 +0000 #6
I'm trying to make a lot of antibodies and activate T cells.

Or something.

This cold sucks.
itself2012-02-21 19:14:17 +0000 #7
This is ridiculous! I am coughing all night. Mucinex DM and Delsum are not helping. So I am trying sudafed today to try to dry things up. Next, I will try Tylenol pm to really dry things up!



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