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Different Perspective on my SI joint issue

Kathi2012-02-25 00:18:15 +0000 #1
Thought I'd share my latest experience with this ongoing saga (3 yrs now). My SIJ locked up a week before Christmas and I am working with a new PT. She looked at the mobility of my lower back and determined it to be "flat" meaning I don't have the natural curve in my spine because I'm lacking mobility required to produce it. Unlike the other PT's (I'm not discrediting them) who advised core work, stretching, yoga, etc. I work on 2 stretches, 1 to regain mobility in my lower spine and 1 hamstrings stretch, and a couple of easy strengthening exercises for the glutes and quads. I sleep on my side and use a pillow between my legs to support my hips and keep them aligned. Without the pillow I wake up with an "angry" back rather than a relaxed back. My SIJ is hypermobile which means it moves alot. Initially it kept going out of alignment so the PT taped it. Now it seems to be staying put.

There still is pain specificially in the area around the SIJ which comes and goes but my PT says some of the irritation is caused from "retraining" the muscles. Today she started me with a loaded (standing) exercise which I only do with her because I can't hold the neutral spine position yet so she guides me to make sure my position is correct.

Looking at the low back was a new perspective for me and I feel encouraged this time around. It's too soon to tell if this is the answer but I'm definitely seeing changes in my movement patterns. If nothing else I'm hoping to come out of this stronger than before.

For exercise I can ride my bike on the trainer, use my Nordic Track and go for walks, no serious hiking or skiing. Normally this time of year I'd be skiing but the mountains need snow and being home gives me the time to work with this.

Wahine2012-02-25 00:30:55 +0000 #2
It sounds like you've got a good PT there. Especially if she's working with you while you do your loaded exercises to make sure you're doing them right.

I have seen lots of patients with SIJ problems where the SIJ moves too much and the back too little so the poor SIJ ends up moving even more to compensate and gets very grumpy.



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