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Worst Year of URIs ever!

itself2012-05-19 20:23:09 +0000 #1
As I am sick again, and I call on doctor's practices, I think this is the worst season of upper respiratory infections that I have seen in a long time. I do believe the unusually warm winter has contributed to this.

I eat healthy, take some supportive supplements, but this is ridiculous. Of course, I just got back from Boston, and the wonderful air on the airplanes does not help. And I took Airborne!
Crankin2012-05-19 20:33:58 +0000 #2
The warm weather means increased allergens, hence an earlier allergy season. Allergies, left untreated cause uris.

The trick is to to pre-treat the allergies. This year, you would have had to start in February.

Airborne has been proven to do nothing.
OakLeaf2012-05-19 20:52:06 +0000 #3
I swear by black elderberry extract. If it were only placebo effect I don't know why nothing I tried before that ever worked for me. I pretty much have to get on it as soon as I start feeling a little run down like I'm going to catch something, and if I do, either I won't catch the cold at all, or I'll get well super fast.

But +1 on the allergens. I treat all of mine year round. It takes months to build up to a full dosage, so there's really no point in going off shots once the season is over (never mind there's something I'm allergic to in every season anyhow ).



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