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Heart Rate Monitor Reaction?

Catrin2012-06-02 07:21:51 +0000 #1
I've been using a Polar HRM for most of the last 2.5 years - and I've always used it for all of my fitness activities. Of course it isn't the same strap, and indeed I replaced my HRM entirely at the end of the year.

Nothing has changed in my use of it, but I am noticing an odd skin reaction under the strap where the battery/transmitter contacts are. This makes no sense to me - the actual contacts aren't on the skin side

I've got a few red welts that almost look like blisters and could be very small ones...but it is ONLY under the area of the strap where the transmitter/battery contact is. I would think if it were a chafing/sweat thing that it would cover a larger (or longer) area. This has happened a couple of times in a row now, so I guess I need to figure this out.

Has anyone else experienced this and found a way to solve it? Just to test my observation, when I ride tomorrow afternoon I will wear it differently and place the batter/transmitter section around closer to my side.
zoom-zoom2012-06-02 07:34:22 +0000 #2
Is it itchy? I can't wear the Road IDs that have the silicone band...I get some sort of eczema/reaction under those. No issues with the woven ones.
marni2012-06-02 07:52:54 +0000 #3
Can you remove the montor itself from the band? If so ,take your band and soak it in warm water and shampoo for 20 minutes, rinse completely and let air dry. If not, at least rub the band stretchy part down frequently with a good damp washcloth and then let it air or sun dry completely. If you can separate the band and monitor, while the band is soaking, take the back of the monitor itself and clean it off with rubbing alcohol. Wear the monitor in a different position for a while to give your itchy skin a chance to heal. Cortisone cream also helps.

I do this when I start getting salt blisters from the collected sweat and dirt from perspiration.

worth a try and cheaper than buying a new polar.

Catrin2012-06-02 08:03:51 +0000 #4
The band itself is machine washable, and I do that regularly - Polar recommends that it go in the washer (sports wash) after every 5 wearings...perhaps this isn't enough. I will try Marni's suggestion tonight, and for my ride this afternoon will just spin the strap around a bit.
OakLeaf2012-06-02 07:58:36 +0000 #5
I have a Garmin watch/strap and I don't really know how the construction differs, but not only does the removable elastic strap get washed, but the receiver/transmitter part gets a scrub with a toothbrush now and then. The battery door is O-ring sealed, obviously, since it has to resist sweat and swimming, so it's fine to get it wet, and crud will build up in the strap that needs to be scrubbed off or it won't receive properly.

That said, I get a heat rash type of thing under my socks and sports bra. It doesn't really sound like yours - blotchy, red and raised, but not itchy or sensitive. I only get it in hot weather when I run over about 3 hours. Not on the bike no matter how long I ride or how hot the weather, not in cooler weather no matter how long I run, and though I wear different bras for running and riding, I sometimes wear the same socks. But it might be something like that?



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