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Dealing with nagging issues...

Roadtrip2012-07-02 23:22:12 +0000 #1
I'm trying to get some mojo back and keep dealing with nagging issue. Last summer it was a shoulder injury from a crash. I only rode a few rides before the winter months came and felt horrible, dejected, and totally not into biking.

The winter was really mild. No excuse not to have gone out or ridden inside to build up fitness for spring riding. I just didn't have any desire, mojo, and needed a kick in the pants.

So fast forward to the early-spring and I went hiking (kick in the pants) with Catrin and ended up with slight leg muscle strain that took nearly a week to feel better. When I did throw a leg over the bike the leg cramped and wouldnt allow me full extension so I bagged it after three miles.

Feeling better, decided to get some yard work done, ended up not being able to bend over to tie my shoes the next morning with low back issue.... Injury I've fought since college. No riding with DH on the new shop ride.

Back still is not 100%, but tooks meds and slathered my back in freeze out, then headed out for the next shop ride. Totally blew up after a few miles and limped back to the shop feeling demoralized.

The next day I was thinking... Isn't all fitness? Did I not ate properly before the ride? Stress from this being my first road ride out with cars? Ride route more hilly then I'm used to? I've also noticed allergys or something like it... For the past several weeks I've had a constant stuffy/clogged nose and head, which taking Suttafed seems to help a little... but I started asking how long has this been going on and if I'm not breathing proper, it may at least be a part of this whole thing.

I've known that I don't recover from exertion, like a hill, as quickly so something like hill repeats well as I don't have time to recover. This sounds like fitness to me, but I have to ride to build fitness.

Sorry so long winded. Just venting my frustration as I want to ride. I want to continue along in my weight loss goals. I want to get back to where I was and being able to ride 20+ miles without feeling like I would fall over.


Irulan2012-07-02 23:24:17 +0000 #2
Do you have a regular fitness routine?
Sky King2012-07-03 00:12:12 +0000 #3
two thoughts.

1. Relax, quit beating yourself up. Try doing a ride with Zero expectations - as in just say I am going to ride my bike. Go as far as you feel like, maybe it is only a mile but just try to have fun.

2. I had a series of multiple issues so I treated myself to 10 weeks of deep water aerobics 3 times a week. It was just what I needed to rehab my leg and get both strength and lung power back. So perhaps think of treating yourself to a dedicated class of some sort that you commit to going to for x time.

Enjoy the weekend
Roadtrip2012-07-02 23:57:12 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Irulan

Do you have a regular fitness routine?

No, but something I know I need to do... I used to go to gym 3x a week and lost 80 pounds... Graduated collage, got into a relationship, started a career where I'm in front of computer 8-10 hours a day... Became entrenched in a sedimentary lifestyle... Gained 50-60 pounds over the next ten years... Decided I ended to change and bought a bike... Lost 20 pounds... Stalled out (crazywork schedule / stress at the moment, 10-11 hour days without a day off in past two weeks) in a rut and I know I'm not making the best food choices.
Irulan2012-07-03 00:37:13 +0000 #5
You will probably be much less injury prone if you work on overall fitness. Base fitness is very important to prevent muscle strains and general injuries.
ny biker2012-07-03 01:21:27 +0000 #6
Yes, I think a gradual return to fitness, for cycling or whatever you feel like doing, would be best to avoid more injuries and make things more enjoyable at the same time. Just a short bike ride, or even a walk around the block, and build from there.

But first -- how long will the crazy work schedule last? Is there an end in sight? Stress can really suck the energy out of you, mentally and physically.

FWIW I've had more problems with pollen this year than I have in the past. The weatherman wasn't kidding when he said the mild winter would mean more pollen than usual.
jessmarimba2012-07-03 01:40:48 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by ny biker

Stress can really suck the energy out of you, mentally and physically.

Stress, especially if it causes unnoticed tension, can make you more prone to injury, too. Sometimes exercise is good at relieving stress but sometimes the stress has taken root too deep for you to just jump back into a tough exercise routine. Make sure you're doing something you enjoy rather than just forcing yourself to do something! And I'd highly suggest finding a yoga class or even just a gentle stretching class to ease back into things - it'll get you into a frame of mind where other fitness aspects won't seem quite so daunting.
Catrin2012-07-03 02:47:49 +0000 #8
{{{Road Trip}}}Stress doesn't help, and it sounds like your job has you under enough and that is outside of your health issues.

Is a yoga class or stretching class an option right now with your schedule? I am sure that others here could suggest good DVDs if a class isn't an option. Easing into things and just short rides for the sake of being on the bike does sound like a good way to get started.



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