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Exercised Induced Asthma

Bethany12012-07-06 00:26:13 +0000 #1
I saw my doc today about my knee and asked about my breathing problems. It hasn't gone away and I figured I'd be in good enough shape by now to not feel like I'm dying.

He gave me a script for an inhaler to see how it worked and I took it for a test ride. The difference is unbelievable. I made it 6 miles without dying for air the entire time. The couple of times I had to stop to catch my breath took a few seconds and I was on my way again. No nausea, dizziness or feeling like if I stop I'll never get going again. I even made it with the cross winds and semi trucks. I was able to drink water normally and that made a huge difference.

This was the best ride ever. I don't think I was faster but I was able to concentrate on having fun and decided to work on cadence and relaxing.

I knew I didn't have enough energy to make it more than 6 miles and it was a test run to see if the inhaler even worked.

Wish I had done this last summer. Get checked out if you are having breathing problems. I'm hoping this will help me to enjoy this summer so much more.

indysteel2012-07-06 00:28:36 +0000 #2
That's great. That's a pretty scary thing to have go undiagnosed. Hope you're on the road to feeling lots better.
Pax2012-07-06 00:34:01 +0000 #3
I have it too, the difference once I got treated was nothing short of amazing.

Glad you got it figured out.
bmccasland2012-07-06 00:48:03 +0000 #4
Alexis - welcome to the EIA club

The ability to breathe is such a nice thing. There's a difference between being out of shape and out of air.

It took me and my doc 3 years (or rather 3 riding seasons) to get my meds adjusted right so I could ride and beathe at the same time.
ivorygorgon2012-07-06 01:27:21 +0000 #5
I was just diagnosed with Mild Obstructive Lung Defect and Exercise Induced Asthma. The doc just switched my inhaler from one I was supposed to use 4x a day to one I use right before and during a ride. Everyone around me can hear me wheeze on a ride

I just thought I couldn't keep up. It will be interesting to see if the inhaler works. I haven't tried it for a ride yet.
Bethany12012-07-06 02:35:49 +0000 #6

I hope it works. I've been able to ride more miles during a trip and more frequently. I am loving every minute of it. My confidence has tripled and part of me would love to..gasp..RACE at some point. I'd never even considered it before.
Muirenn2012-07-06 02:35:39 +0000 #7
That's lovely Bethany! I think you will race someday. You are so enthusiastic!

I also have an inhaler. And take Advair and Claritin. My asthma is allergy-induced, not exercise-induced. So pollen and what-have-you make a big difference in my performance. I make sure to take the stuff I'm supposed to have ahead of time. Especially in the summer.

There are a lot of threads on here about different prevention meds like Advair. Seems a common problem, no matter the cause.
Bethany12012-07-06 03:52:29 +0000 #8
Woo Hoo! 20 miles today! The last 6 nearly killed me with the headwinds but I made it home. No breathing problems or exhaustion. Glad I brought an extra energy bar as I needed that second wind.

I'll take the next the couple of days off to give my legs a rest.

I also discovered that my seat post slowly lowers as I ride. I had to keep adjusting it and trying to make the screw tighter. I'll talk to my LBS and get that fixed.

I also need a real pair of shoes. I don't want clipless shoes, so I'll have to do some looking around. Something light and possibly open for my bunions. By the time I got home, my toes were throbbing and numb.

I think I found the tires I want as my LBS owner let me borrow his set. They are Bontrager XR1 29ers.

It's been a great day.



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