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Thumb Carpometacarpal Spasms

Catrin2012-07-19 00:15:51 +0000 #1
I've assorted bits of osteoartitis and psoriatic arthritis here and there. I've been having some odd problems with my left thumb metacarpal recently. Thankfully I am very dominant right handed! It doesn't seem to be in the carpometacarpal joint but down the actual metacarpal bone. This is assuming I've not totally confused myself by diagrams on the internet

Obviously it isn't the bone itself that is having spasms...

If my hand is flat on the table, I get spasms along the thumb metacarpal down the outside edge between my knuckle and the joint below that. It doesn't go further than that, and I've no symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The spasms are pretty regular in that my hand/thumb can be at rest and there is no difference in the timing of the spasms.

Has anyone else with hand osteo- or psoriatic arthritis has noted this problem (I've both)? It is adding to my increasing difficulty to get to sleep at night, and am already taking a prescription anti-inflammatory and Tylenol.

It isn't THAT bad that I can't ignore it (outside of bed-time), but curious if anyone has found an alternative way of dealing with this. I am loathe to start on stronger medication as my stomach doesn't tend to like those...which is why I am putting off seeing the doctor...



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