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crotch on fire in the shower

diamondcat2012-07-26 12:21:06 +0000 #1
anyone else experience stinging pain when water hits the girly bits down there after a ride?? or is it just me.

its extremely painful, any remedies?
jusdooit2012-07-26 12:26:05 +0000 #2
Sounds like chaffing to me. Are you using a chamois cream? Also make sure your shorts fit well.
Grits2012-07-26 12:44:30 +0000 #3
If your saddle isn't the right fit for you, your weight could be going on your soft tissue instead of onto your sitbones, where it belongs. You also might need a cutout. There are many threads on here about saddles including one comprehensive one that Muirenn keeps updated for us. forums.teamestrogen....owthread.php?t=39475
Reesha2012-07-26 12:53:16 +0000 #4
Aside from solving the problem to begin with, I always find A+D works well on chafed areas. You could apply the A+D (hydrophobic) prior to the shower, but the stinging sensation and actually getting some soap and water down there is probably going to help prevent infection.
malkin2012-07-26 14:06:55 +0000 #5
Oh, definately ow.

You need a different saddle, and probably different shorts!
Crankin2012-07-26 14:32:12 +0000 #6
I get that sometimes, if it's hot out and I've gone for a long ride. What seems to set it off is if I pee during the ride, that seems to irritate the delicate tissues more than normal. I may not feel it until I get in the shower, though. I do use chamois cream, but it doesn't always stop this.

My saddle is fine and I wear 2 different brands of shorts that I love. I just don't let the water hit me near those parts when this happens and definitely no soap near there, ever.

Tea Tree oil helps sooth this.
laura*2012-07-26 14:05:25 +0000 #7

Originally Posted by Crankin

What seems to set it off is if I pee during the ride, that seems to irritate the delicate tissues more than normal.

Here's a "trick" I discovered at Burning Man:

Instead of wiping with TP after peeing, bring your water bottle and sacrifice some drinking water to instead rinse off any pee residue. The extra bonus is that there is no need to dry off because of the incredibly low humidity on the alkali dry lake bed.

There are two benefits:

Rinsing gets one cleaner than wiping - there are no salty residues left behind to irritate.

Not using TP at all means less frictional rubbing. With hourly peeing, the friction can rub you raw in the harsh desert environment!

Even away from the desert, when wearing cycling shorts, "not wiping dry" is an option. The shorts are probably damp (with sweat) anyway - a few extra drops of clean water won't make a difference.
Crankin2012-07-26 13:28:55 +0000 #8
Makes a lot of sense.

I have tried various types of wipes, which make it worse.



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