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wheezy coughing after hard effortss diamondcat2012-07-17 03:16
so I only get wheezy if I REALLY push myself physically [even for a short effort] and my HR reaches
Sports induces amenorrhea Anelia2012-07-10 03:15
There are many active women in this forum and I wonder if there are others like me who are among the
Nightmare PT (long, sorry) Selkie2012-07-08 22:12
I have been suffering---emphasis on suffer---with plantar fasciitis for four weeks. Saw the ortho w
Serious chafing - non bike-related Catrin2012-07-07 15:14
I've got a problem that I've tried to solve for months and nothing seems to work, obviously I just h
Exercised Induced Asthma Bethany12012-07-06 00:26
I saw my doc today about my knee and asked about my breathing problems. It hasn't gone away and I f
Ears clogged from a cold jessmarimba2012-07-04 09:18
Anyone have any tips for relieving clogged ears? Or at least the pain from them? Pharmacist suggest
Dealing with nagging issues... Roadtrip2012-07-02 23:22
I'm trying to get some mojo back and keep dealing with nagging issue. Last summer it was a shoulder
TIPS to relax/destress fetchspot2012-07-02 00:21
My yoga post got me to thinking you might have some answers My favorite time to stretch/tai chi
yoga cd suggestions fetchspot2012-06-30 19:25
Are there any suggestions on CD's for yoga? Either helpful newer ones or old favorites? I will
Acclimatizing to the heat ny biker2012-06-29 20:13
So that's why my face was so red during my ride on Saturday...
Thigh bruises CarolinaCycler2012-06-27 19:17
Hi everyone, I'm new to cycling. I've noticed that after my rides 10 - 30 miles on my road bike
Camelbak and neck Catrin2012-06-26 09:20
Anyone use a Camelbak who have had a significant whiplash injury in the past? Does the shoulder stra
cracked wrist rehab TsPoet2012-06-26 05:17
Where to go but TE for medical advice? About 5 weeks ago I got a hairline fracture in a bone in th
Heat injuries and food Melalvai2012-06-21 07:20
I went for a 40 mile ride today. It's pretty warm. I ate a solid breakfast (my usual 2 eggs + toast
when a common cold isn't just a cold bmccasland2012-06-19 18:17
When it's whooping cough. Take it from me, it isn't fun. If you live in a part of the country,
A realization... jessmarimba2012-06-19 00:25
This isn't quite a health issue, but I recently discovered that I don't really have any depth percep
IT Band? Catrin2012-06-15 21:13
Finally able to start to raise my mileage base since my neck injury in October and what happens? I t
Eyes Burn After Riding Over50Newbie2012-06-15 04:17
I don't know if it is allergies or what, but this always seem to happen in the Spring... Today,
Hurt my foot goldfinch2012-06-13 18:22
So yesterday I did a 34 mile hilly ride on my road bike, pushing it to my limits. Then I mowed the
Doctor frustration indysteel2012-06-12 01:26
I'm so frustrated right now. While I was in the process of getting diagnosed with Graves' Disease,
Riding Steep Hills with Asthma ACG2012-06-08 00:15
Does anyone have any tips? I have Asthma and for some reason this year I've had a harder time r
Be still my beating heart...update malkin2012-06-02 07:37
Well, no, don't be completely still, but somewhere way under 200 bpm is really best. So, I've g
Postlady needs advice Postlady2012-06-02 07:18
I was very relieved to find this forum after searching for help everywhere. I dont cycle for pleasur
Heart Rate Monitor Reaction? Catrin2012-06-02 07:21
I've been using a Polar HRM for most of the last 2.5 years - and I've always used it for all of my f
Foot surgery - lots of crutch-time GLC19682012-06-02 07:21
So, as some of you may have read, I had a little accident over the weekend. I basically was kno
Crashed Yesterday Bethany12012-06-01 06:24
Had a hard crash yesterday. I went over my handlebars and landed face first in the dirt. EMS said
Puncture Wound limewave2012-05-29 12:19
I punctured my hand yesterday on my disc brake rotor I'm 99% positive it went in until it hit bo
Head injuries in cycling ny biker2012-05-29 06:20
Interesting article about increased efforts to treat head injuries in cycling. http://velonew
Hip Bursitis related to cycling?? ehirsch832012-05-29 02:25
Well I am 95% sure that I have burstitis in my left hip- but going to Ortho tomorrow for proper diag
Tips for a 24 hour bike ride klesko2012-05-26 15:24
Hubby and I are planning to ride a Fleche on our new tandem. It is a team randonneuring event where
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