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kidney stones, maybe? Long ACG2010-04-29 18:01
So I have had for about a year, and intermittent, infrequent, sharp jabbing pain in my left pelvic a
knee and lower back pains kmc08272010-04-29 17:31
I am taking my first spin class this quarter and every time have experienced a pain on the inside ba
Sjogren's syndrome badger2010-04-29 17:41
I'm assuming that someone on this forum has Sjogren's. Have you found anything that has made a
Lower Back Pain XMcShiftersonX2010-04-29 17:19
I'm sorry if this is a repeat question. I imagine other people have had this problem. I used the sea
Are these allergy symptoms? ny biker2010-04-29 17:35
For several years, I've had chronic sinus and nasal congestion, particularly on the left side. Much
Looking for hip stabilization exercises cyclechick20082010-04-29 22:28
As part of rehab for the knee issues in previous post, I need to work on stabilizing/strengthening h
Tight hamstrings katluvr2010-04-29 21:56
Not sure where to post this question. I thought about in the running forum since there is a lot of
What to do? bikerHen2010-04-29 16:55
I'm in serious weight loss mode. Along with diet I'm doing lots and lots of exercise. With our non w
We don't know what is wrong with you ACG2010-04-29 19:44
So I'm back to square one. I have a lower left pelvic pain that hurts especially when I lay on
Hand pain/brakes? kristinek2010-04-29 18:01
I have a women's trek but I'm still really struggling with hand pain by the end of long rides from b
Pneumonia blues zia2010-04-29 17:35
Bleh. After 16 days of fever, I was diagnosed with pneumonia a few days ago. The MD told me to do
Legs katluvr2010-04-29 19:25
I have no idea where to post this question...felt it fit best here. So here it goes: First some ba
Natural deodorant: recipe shootingstar2010-04-29 18:15
Sorry, wasn't sure best place to put this. Anyone care to review recipe's effectiveness? It seems
cholesterol lph2010-04-29 16:54
Heya, anyone here knowledgeable about cholesterol and how it's measured? I've been to my first
back question NadiaMac2010-04-29 17:21
hello this is possibly slightly off-topic. I've currently got a pretty messed up back-- herniated
!@#$@#^$ Achilles tendon(s) OakLeaf2010-04-29 17:47
They'd been doing so well.... Between foot strengthening and stretching, rolling out my calves
Aging michelem2010-04-29 16:18
Thanks, Bicilista, for suggestion I start a new thread on this topic. I am curious if any of
Left Knee pain; what's the deal? itself2010-04-29 16:16
Hi there, First time in my life I have had knee problems. When I ride my bikes, the outside of
Rotator Cuff Injury (caution, whining ahead) Slowspoke2010-04-29 16:16
My shoulder hurts! Waaaaa. My arm is sore! Waaaa. I can't sleep on that side. Waaaaa. It hurt
Bawaaah... off the bike! - Long tctrek2010-04-29 17:31
Needed to whine a little... I saw a few injury threads and thought that misery loves company. Had a
Sore feet/BMX pedals Catrin2010-04-29 18:15
I have bad feet due to some congentinal issues. I typically ignore them unless something new turns u
Type of milk you drink regularily shootingstar2010-04-29 18:40
I'm drinking 2 litres of skim milk per wk. It's doubled in last 12 months. It shouldn't hurt me. I'm
SI Joint Pain...Frustrated. daisylubob2010-04-29 16:16
OK I know this has been discussed ad nauseum, but if anyone else has any tips, I would appreciate in
"It's not in your knee" says ortho cyclechick20082010-04-29 18:48
Yesterday I went back to the orthopedic surgeon about my knee. We discussed the cortisone shot's ef
Is it hard to adjust to a HRM? Red Rock2010-04-29 18:57
I recently overdid my ride on the weekend. See ride reports for Saturday if intrested. This is not
Right shoulder blade pain krolleo2010-04-29 18:50
I just started riding about 4 months ago. I ride 10-40 miles each time I go out. I ride a road bike.
Research: breathing and hot flashes - Indianapolis ny biker2010-04-29 18:23
The Army of Women is looking for volunteers for a study on managing hot flashes through breathing. I
Ischial Tuberosities - Pain pyxichick2010-04-29 18:14
Has anyone had to heal from ischial bursitis or other pain in the sit bones? One day last week
Pregnant! fanatizzare2010-04-29 16:20
I would love to start a discussion on pregnant women that keep up with cycling. I'd love to hear fro
PLEASE READ before posting in this forum Susan Otcenas2010-04-29 16:23
This should go without saying, but what the heck, I'll say it anyway... As with any medical
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