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What for a 1-Speed? brisafit2012-09-01 15:20
What are the basics parts I need to build a simple 1-speed? I've been looking online for a while and
Stripped bolt Melalvai2012-09-01 09:18
I am lightening my bike for Bike Across Kansas. I started by removing all the lights. So I darkened
Seat height Munch2012-08-17 15:18
I've tried doing a search of my own, but I'm not coming up with the answer on here. My question
break help Antaresia2012-08-17 14:20
I got new break pads, but they're too thick to use on my bike as-is. I just installed them and they
Hub gears and punctures silversurfer2012-08-16 19:17
I need a bit of help ladies - do any of you know how to fix a back wheel puncture on a bike with hub
Fenders for Bike Friday Kerry19762012-08-13 22:20
Hello everyone! Has been a long time since I have visited, but a ride on my Bike Friday Monday has m
Brakes Caused The Crash Bethany12012-08-13 00:17
I picked up my Mamba yesterday from the LBS. First thing I did after getting home was to check the
Changing Bike Saddle clarousel2012-07-30 13:20
Hi all, I was wondering if its possible for newbie like me to change the bike saddle on my own?
basic maintenance topic demo Catrin2012-07-28 19:19
I hesitate to call this actual teaching, but I am going to help a couple of local Orthodox nuns lear
cleaning up a donation bike Slowspoke2012-07-24 14:23
I got a bike from free cycle that I am cleaning up for a student of mine who is in desparate need of
Bike Rack installation problem Catrin2012-07-23 22:26
I am trying to install a seat-post rack on my Gunnar - I just refuse to install a more traditional r
Gunk on my tire ny biker2012-07-23 21:18
A few miles from the end of my ride on Saturday, I noticed a big patch of something on my front tire
tube change question hebe2012-07-20 21:12
When you swap out an old tube for a new tube, is it ok to seat the tube inside the tyre, and then pu
How to polish a steel bike? Kalidurga2012-07-13 22:19
I'm surprised I couldn't find anything on this with a quick search 'cause I swear I've seen it discu
I need a new floor pump Owlie2012-07-10 21:16
The seal on my floor pump has, I think, finally gone. I need a new one. Does anyone have sugge
thumping rim brakes... haaalp lph2012-07-09 19:18
Ok so my commuter bike is an mtb with rim brakes. The rear brakes are crappy (don't spring back prop
Help! I can't mount my #%$@^$& tire!!! alexis_the_tiny2012-07-07 19:18
Tire in question, 650CC Conti Gatorskins. Not the foldable kind. Somehow, I can't mount those darn t
Bike Repair Stand & Bike Rack LisaSmith19632012-07-01 13:21
I changed the inner tube in my back tire and now some of my gears aren't quite right. 1-4 slip or a
Inner tube sizes hebe2012-06-12 12:16
I've swapped out an inner tube on my hybrid for the spare that the LBS gave me when I bought the bik
Bicycle fit Hartmame2012-06-10 05:16
This discussion started out about setting up and adjusting my drop handlebar but now I'm just trying
teaching wrenching skills lph2012-06-10 02:11
Anyone here teach wrenching skills, or recently attend a good class? I'm looking for good tips on ev
Should I try to change my bar tape & shifters myself? (scared newbie) chincitop2012-06-08 22:16
Hey girls, I'm pretty new to working on my own bikes, and I've just purchased a used Concord Freedom
Handlebar adjustment Hartmame2012-06-08 21:24
Ive always rode mtb but I'm now building up a LHT with drop bars and I'm now sure what the setup sh
Tire advice needed bskaje2012-06-06 02:18
I bought a Trek Lexa SL at the end of last year and like it so far, but I'm pretty sensitive to road
Clicking noise when pedaling clarousel2012-06-05 22:21
Hi all, recently when I cycle I hear this clicking noise when my foot goes down on the right pe
Help! Need to order 0 Offset seatpost today. Muirenn2012-06-02 04:13
Hi there. I need to order a Zero Offset seat-post today, so it will be here in time for part tw
Road Bike shifters WindingRoad2012-06-01 23:14
My road bike is a 2007 and my shifters that came on it are the originals. For some odd reason they h
Rookie flat question hebe2012-05-29 21:18
I've done a first dry run of taking out and replacing the front inner tube. It went ok, I think, alt
Help with fitting Savra2012-05-17 20:20
I have found the best place for any kind of bike advice is to start here. You gals are the best so
Continental Sport Contact fit Hartmame2012-05-16 00:21
I was looking for a slick for my bike and was sold a Continental Sport Contact 42-559 26x1.6 and I c
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