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ideas for short-reach handlebars that fit a 26 mm clamp?

_kim_2010-08-02 01:12:17 +0000 #1
I am looking to switch out the handlebars on an older touring bike I recently acquired that has a 26 mm clamp rather than the currently more popular, "oversized" 31.8 mm size. i am looking for shorter-reach handlebars, as the ones i would like to stop using have a 96 mm reach. the nitto 105 handlebars would i think fit my clamp size and have a shorter reach, but they seem to only come in a 37 cm width, and i happen to have relatively broad shoulders for a woman. (the handlebars i'm using now are probably 42 cm, and i could maybe see going down to 40, but i don't think all the way to 37.) so my question is... does anyone have any ideas for shorter-reach handlebars that come in widths wider than 37 cm and that would also fit a 26 mm clamp?!

OakLeaf2010-08-02 01:19:14 +0000 #2
Salsa's Moto Ace Poco and Moto Ace Short & Shallow are made for 26 mm clamps - would either of those work for you?
_kim_2010-08-02 01:58:35 +0000 #3
oh-- i think i had only been looking at the regular (non-moto ace) poco and regular s&s. thanks! those could work, yes. (the only remaining quibble is whether i want black handlebars on a silver-colored stem and clamp, but i think i could handle that [especially if i have no other options!]...)
Becky2010-08-02 01:25:02 +0000 #4
Ritchey's Biomax bar comes in a 26.0 clamp size and is both short reach and shallow drop (75mm and ~130mm, respectively, I think.)

BTW, I spent a significant about of time looking for a silver handlebar for a bike. There are very very few choices out there! Almost everything is carbon or black aluminum. Just a heads-up....
_kim_2010-08-02 02:24:23 +0000 #5
thanks becky-- i have just been realizing that about the biomax bars (my boyfriend and i were under the mistaken impression that they only came in 31.8). and thanks for the info re: silver bars (i assume you mean silver short-reach bars?)... i think i will probably just abandon that idea and go for some salsas or the biomax! because of the handlebar tape, not much of the bars will be showing anyway...



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