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carbon seat post slipping

ginaleah2010-12-12 02:17:00 +0000 #1
I have a new bike that has a carbon seat post. After adjusting the seat once, I noticed that the seat post was greased by the shop that put my bike together. I realize after some reading that a carbon seat post should not be greased. My question now is how do I clean it and how can I adjust the seat post to make sure that it stops slipping? It is SO annoying to go on a ride and have the seat gradually sink throughout the ride!
Becky2010-12-12 02:32:31 +0000 #2
Carbon frame or aluminum frame?
Eden2010-12-12 02:28:21 +0000 #3
It's not necessarily grease - it might be friction paste. I had a problem with seat post slippage (carbon post in a Ti frame) until I got a tube. It's worked like a charm, no more seat post creep.
ginaleah2010-12-12 02:52:05 +0000 #4

Originally Posted by Becky

Carbon frame or aluminum frame?

It's a lightweight steel frame w/carbon seat post and fork.
ginaleah2010-12-12 03:01:27 +0000 #5
What's a tube?



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