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Just blew a tire.. not sure how/why?

sarahspins2010-12-12 04:25:25 +0000 #1
Is it possible the tube was just defective? I got new tires and tubes to put on the wheels for the 24" mixte I'm building up, and I did the front, and it's fine, I did the rear, and about 10 minutes after mounting and inflating it, it blew out. It wasn't doing anything but leaning against a wall.

I don't think I pinched the tube getting it on (I actually put a little air in it, and pushed the tube into the tire, then put the whole thing on the rim - and being a 24" tire it went on with little trouble) it actually went on way easier/faster than the front had... so it was weird.
tulip2010-12-12 04:31:45 +0000 #2
The tube can get pinched pretty easily. Did you go over it, rocking it back and forth, after you put it on the rim? Those blowouts can be quite loud and the one time I was nearby when one blew, it gave me a start (living in questionable neighborhood has that affect).

Have you checked the tube to see where the hole is? That'll give you some idea of the cause.
Owlie2010-12-12 04:53:28 +0000 #3
I had tubes that did that on my bike. One day, they just gave out. The front went earlier than the rear. I think I just got tubes from a batch with bad valves from the factory. (They were the ones on the bike when I bought it.) We looked over the tubes--no holes, no anything that would explain it. I just replaced them.
marni2010-12-12 05:02:20 +0000 #4
things happen, maybe the bicycle gremlins were trying to tell you something.

I have changed a lot of tires and still will give myself a pinch flat or two, usually on a ride, until I run out of the 2 or 3 spare tubes I carry. Usually by that time, either the sag or dh have caught up and can bail me out. I have called for and ridden home in a taxi a couple of times though.

sarahspins2010-12-12 05:33:19 +0000 #5

Originally Posted by tulip

Did you go over it, rocking it back and forth, after you put it on the rim?

Yep.. I did, and it really did seem like it was going to be fine.. I even wiggled it a bit more as I was inflating the tire (before the bead had settled fully) to make sure nothing was caught.

The blowout in the tube is a 6" tear.. I can't see ANYTHING along the rim (which yes, is taped) or the tire where it happened that would have caused it. I vote it was gremlins... that sounds good to me

Of course, I had ordered my tires and tubes on the internet (odd size), and only ordered TWO tubes, and I can't find the right size that I can buy locally (I called around)... but REI (which is 10 minutes from me) is ordering some more tubes for me in the right size (the only 24" tubes they have are for kid's MTB's).. they'll be in on Thursday. The shop guy was happy to order them (and extras) because the size I need happens to be a standard wheelchair size, and they get a lot of people coming in asking about them.



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