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wheel recommendations?

uk elephant2010-12-12 02:56:40 +0000 #1
I dropped my bike in to the LBS yesterday for a bit of TLC. My back wheel was no longer true, and a few other niggles needed sorting out. I think the wheel un-trueing happened when I took one of the speed-bumps on campus a little too fast (they are badly designed square ones for some strange reason). Knocked the pannier off my bike and broke the attachment hinge on it so must have given the wheel quite a knock.

Anyway.....talked to the shop this morning and apparently I need a new rear wheel. There are cracks in the rim, and the hub is pitted. Don't recall what the name of the wheel they suggested was, but it was £80 which sounds very pricey when I may be out of a job soon. The wheel they suggested was apparently an upgrade from the ones I currently have (came with the bike, Specialized Tricross Sport 2005). I told them I'd think about it.....but I have no idea what thinking I could be doing. I know nothing about wheels. What should I be looking for? What's the difference between more pricey and less pricey and how do I decide what is pricey enough for me?

uk elephant2010-12-12 03:09:39 +0000 #2
Just been for a chat with the mechanic. This is the wheel he is ordering for me:

"Shimano deore hub on a Mavic A319"

Any reviews?

I need a wheel that will last a long time, under frequent use by a slightly heavy person, often with panniers loaded commuting to work, on sometimes rough roads....
LeicaLad2010-12-12 03:21:28 +0000 #3

I'm no expert, but I offer this site as something to look thru:

That's a specific wheel: Here's the listing of rear wheels priced low-to-high:

Obviously, this is a US site. But the pricing can be explored. Wheels can be surprisingly pricey (as I've been discovering). Still, good wheels are probably the most important part of your bike.

There's some old saying about better to ride a $100 frame on $300 wheels than a $300 frame on $100 wheels. As if you can get either for these prices today!

Not a real answer, but I hope a little bit helpful.

ridebikeme2010-12-12 03:25:15 +0000 #4
Well, as both of you have stated, wheels are definitely pricey. The Mavic sounds likes a good option, another option might be Velocity wheels. They have a model called the AeroheadSC ( if I remember correctly) that it a bit of an aero wheel.(28mm I believe) What that means for you is that they are generally abit stiffer wheel and also a bit stronger for those days where you are riding with your panniers. And if color is something that you want, they definitely have LOTS of options.

Not sure if there are any distributers in your area, but I'm sure your LBS can give you more info.

Have fun looking!!



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