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Broken grip shifter?

vlitzne2010-12-12 15:28:58 +0000 #1
I have a 2000 Specialized Hardrock with grip shifters. Yesterday when I was riding, I noticed that it no longer clicks into place. I can roll it fowards and backwards, but it slowly irgrates back to the highest gear. I have to clamp down on it and squeeze it harder than I would like to to keep it in the prefered gear and even then it will slip into other gears. This isn't a good thing for my hands (risking numbness, cramps).

I think I broke my shifter. Should I attempt to install a new one myself? I live with someone who's mechanically inclined (though slow as molasses when it comes to projects). Or should I take it in to the shop? Have I even diagnosed the problem correctly?

ridebikeme2010-12-12 15:34:30 +0000 #2
It could be a couple of different things... broken cable inside the shifter. spring is bent etc... Your best bet is to take it to your LBS, they have the experience to evaluate the issue and take care of it promptly!



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