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Muirenn2011-01-21 22:20:27 +0000 #1
I want to remove the pedals from my 23 year old Miyata. The greece looks, well, wet and not dried on or welded tight.

Problem: found the right -sized allen wrench, but can't even begin to get adquate leverage to remove the pedals. I tried an ordinary loose key, and one that folds into a heavy-duty multi-tool set.

Should I buy a full-sized allen wrench handle with the interchangeable tools?

Should I try some other type of tool?

Help! I don't want to resort to the LBS for this. It shouldn't be that complicated!

I do know the left pedal is not righty tighty lefty loosey, but the opposite, so that's not it. Just can't do it
kermit2011-01-21 22:26:05 +0000 #2
Pedal wrench or torque wrench, and lots of patience, I ripped my hand open taking pedals off my husbands Cervelo P2C, it wasn't pretty. All else fails, LBS baby!
OakLeaf2011-01-21 23:07:51 +0000 #3
A narrow piece of pipe over the end of the Allen wrench will give you more leverage.

But if the threads are seized, it can take a LOT of strength to get a pedal off. You don't necessarily need the LBS, but you may need someone with a lot of upper body strength, and you may need to make it a two-person job, with one person holding the opposite pedal/crankarm (careful of your fingers!!!) while the other wales on the wrench.

A pneumatic impact driver could come in handy if you have one, or possibly just using impact by hammering on the end of your lever (be sure to use a block of wood or an old rag or something so you're not hammering metal on metal).

ETA: also, remember that since you have the kind of pedals that use an Allen wrench on the back, everything's reversed; you're actually turning in the "tightening" direction to loosen the pedal, because you're pushing the spindle away from the head, same as if you were tightening a screw. So as you look at the Allen head of the spindle, it's actually the right one that turns "backwards" (i.e., you turn the wrench clockwise to loosen the right pedal), even though it's the left that's reverse threaded.

Edit again, @PW: NEVER use a torque wrench to loosen something tight. A beam wrench will just bend, and isn't strong enough to do the job; a click-type or electronic wrench is an expensive piece of equipment that isn't meant to put a lot of pressure in the opposite direction. (Also, remember to take the torque off a click-type torque wrench when it's not in use, to decrease wear on the spring.)
Muirenn2011-01-21 23:42:27 +0000 #4

Great advice all!

Think I'll go to the LBS tomorrow
lph2011-01-21 22:50:26 +0000 #5
If I'm lucky i can remove pedals with an ordinary allen key, but for seized ones (or ones that my dh put on ) I need my long, hefty pedal wrench, and I still have to stamp on it. The best tip I have is to immobilize the other pedal under something that won't budge, I use the bottom of our shed wall.



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