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Riding on a broken link

shootingstar2011-03-23 01:24:09 +0000 #1
Well, I guess the bike chain link was partially broken, but it wasn't a great feeling doing a simple 20 kms. ride up and down mini hills, from the market in sunny, but near freezin' temperatures today. And Calgary only started to put some bike racks on a tiny handful of buses. The entire ride was clanking along and being super careful on applying much pressure on bike pedals when going up hills.

I was eternally grateful when the bike shop installed a Quick Link. Given, the fact it's supposed to snow later this wk., this is probably good enough for now since I won't cycling tons from now on.
Cataboo2011-03-23 01:34:18 +0000 #2
I keep a spare quicklink in all my bike bags & a chain tool just in case.



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