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Bike Repair Stand?

hulagirl2011-08-29 04:22:26 +0000 #1
I've read the thread from '09 - anyone have any new recoomendations for a good bike repair stand?

Looking for something that will be kind to Carbon. (seat post and frame so I'm thinking I can't clamp at all)

And something that can hold up a Bike Friday (no top tube, Al. seat post only)

Easy to fold and put away.

Sturdy and height adjustable.

Prefer one from REI as they have free shipping to Hawaii on this heavy stuff.


ultraviolet2011-08-29 04:36:32 +0000 #2
I have an older version of this one (works and looks the same, even the same color) that went by a different name -- Ultimate something-or-other, I think. I've had it for several years and love it. It's currently at a friend's house with a few identical stands, because that's where we all gather to play with wrenches.
Becky2011-08-29 04:48:44 +0000 #3
I have the same recommendation as Ultraviolet. We have an older Feedback Sports model similar to the one that she linked. Both my DH and I comfortably use it, with a height difference of 8" between us. I love the tripod design- it's much more stable than a two-legged design.

While I don't consider any workstand to be "carbon safe", some are better than others. I'm of the belief that you shouldn't clamp frame tubes, no matter what they're made of. It's always safer (and potentially less expensive) to clamp the seatpost. I do sometimes clamp my carbon seatpost but, for most light repairs, I'll just hook the saddle nose over the stand.
hulagirl2011-08-29 05:32:21 +0000 #4
Thanks for this -

Question, REI has a much more expensive version of the Feedback than the one you linked. Any reason to go with one vs the other in your opinions?
Becky2011-08-29 05:43:24 +0000 #5
It looks like the biggest difference between the two is the clamping mechanism. My (our) stand is more like the first one linked, and the clamp has never bothered me. I'm not sure that the "upgraded" clamp or extra weight capacity is worth another $60, unless you're wrestling a heavy bike or a tandem.

Just my 2 cents though....



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