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Adjusting stem height - Specialized Ruby

Hi Ho Silver2011-12-30 20:21:59 +0000 #1
I have a new Specialized Ruby Elite, and although it fits me like a dream, I’d like to experiment with lowering the stem a bit. Unfortunately, I have no experience with Aheadsets and spacers. So I’m guessing that this is how I go about lowering the stem:

-Remove the top cap and the stem,

-Remove a spacer (or possibly 2 spacers),

-Replace the stem,

-Put the just-removed spacer(s) on top of the stem,

-Put the top cap above the spacers,

-At this point, I’m unsure about whether I should tighten the top cap or the stem first. Which is it? And, correct me if I’m wrong, but I shouldn’t have to do anything to the expander that Specialized uses inside their carbon fiber forks – right?

I’d appreciate any guidance, because I sure don’t want to screw this up. Thanks.

azfiddle2011-12-30 20:24:37 +0000 #2
Just curious- can the shop you bought the bike from do it for you?
indysteel2011-12-30 20:28:29 +0000 #3
Tighten the top cap first, then the stem. Don't tighten the top cap too much (or too little) though. And you should know how to correctly tighten your stem upon reinstalling it. If it were me, I'd ask for a demo from my shop's bike mechanic.
indysteel2011-12-30 20:42:09 +0000 #4
I'm heading out the door at the moment, but I wanted to also suggest doing a search on Youtube for a tutorial. It's not hard; you just have to understand what to look for in terms of how tight to go with the top cap so that your headset isn't so tight that it binds or so loose that it has too much play. From there, it's a question of getting tightened correctly. I wish I wasn't in such a rush or I'd try to describe it in detail.
OakLeaf2011-12-30 21:44:56 +0000 #5
Have you ever adjusted bearings before? It's pretty simple, but it's probably best to have someone show you the first time, because you don't want to get it wrong, and it's hard to describe the way they feel. You can use the actual service manual specifications, but that means disconnecting all the cables and housings, and that's a PITA.
laura*2011-12-30 21:18:50 +0000 #6

Originally Posted by Hi Ho Silver

-At this point, I’m unsure about whether I should tighten the top cap or the stem first. Which is it?

Tighten the top cap first. Its sole purpose for existing is to help assemble the stem onto the steerer. Once the stem is clamped onto the steerer, the top cap does nothing (other than cover the hole).



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