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Saved by the $2.00 Seat Post Bolt

Sky King2012-02-06 16:23:57 +0000 #1
My DH is my hero

But first to back up. Our daughter was visiting and we seem to be short on completed bikes so she borrowed Sky. While we are the same height she has shorter legs than me so she lowered the saddle. Today I raised my saddle back to my mark before our morning ride. About 3 miles in I was feeling like my saddle height was to low, stopped and sure enough my post had slipped. We raised my saddle and I let the Bike Hermit tighten it this time but he couldn't get the bolt to hold - it was stripped. We do love our Rivendell's but in an attempt to keep it simple, Grant uses an inexpensive bolt that is known to fail over time. The Bike Hermit's failed about a year ago and we had to cut a ride short as we didn't have a spare.

I was so happy when he opened his Behold Tool Bag and pulled out a seat post bolt. We switched out the bolt, readjusted my saddle and enjoyed a great 26 mile ride before work.

So a note to self - we are both going to start carrying an extra seat post bolt!
Melalvai2012-02-06 16:34:04 +0000 #2
Being prepared is always such a good feeling. And nothing quite so frustrating as the knowledge that you have the tiny tool you need-- miles and miles away!



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