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Help! Need to order 0 Offset seatpost today.

Muirenn2012-06-02 04:13:10 +0000 #1
Hi there.

I need to order a Zero Offset seat-post today, so it will be here in time for part two of my fitting.

I'm looking at this one.:

I could get it through the bike shop for twice as much. Sorry. Not happening.

(And hey, just bought an expensive helmet from them, so... ).

Does this seat-post look right? It says medium setback, Zero Offset. Is the medium setback just the adjustability of the saddle clamp hardware?

Don't want to get the wrong one. But need to get this ordered ASAP.


Edit: they open at noon eastern time; I'll call and ask, but I do want someone's opinion on here first. Just in case
Wahine2012-06-02 04:27:51 +0000 #2
That's definitely a zero off-set. I'm not sure what they mean by medium set back.

ETA: This: is the one that I have. I'm not sure about the size though.
Muirenn2012-06-02 04:55:22 +0000 #3
Thanks Wahine Good to know.

I could go with an alloy post, but it's just a road bike that I need it for, so not getting that much rough use. (Hopefully). I do need a mountain-bike size post though. Not sure why they did that.

I worry about vibration with an alloy, otoh, may be good in a crash. (Again, hopefully no crashes !).

Edit: ordered the seatpost. Thanks!
Hartmame2012-06-02 04:32:30 +0000 #4
As I read your post, I was thinking that most two bolt seat posts would fit the bill then I clicked on your link and there it was. Nice seat post.



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